Aata Aarambam Review

Aata Aarambam Review
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Behind the Movie Aata Aarambam: Tamil Hero Ajith and stylish director Vishnuvardhan have created a storm at Tamil Box Office with Tamil version of this film. Now, the same is dubbed to Telugu. Is this film worth of generating same response here in Tollywood?

In the Movie Aata Aarambam: Story begins in Mumbai with well planned bomb blasts by Ashok (Ajith) who even informs the police in prior. In the next scene, Maya (Nayanathara) and Arjun (Arya) accidentally meet on a flight journey to Mumbai as both of them were college friends. Arjun is a M. Sc Computer Science Master Holder with superb expertise in hacking. Welcoming to Mumbai, a group of goons belonging to Ashok kidnap Maya and Arjun, who is blackmailed for crashing TV channel network. Twist here is, it is the sketch of Maya and Ashok as both of them are on a mission. Arjun’s girl friend Anitha (Tapsee), working as a TV reporter also falls into the trap and are compelled to help Ashok. However, the team of Mumbai police headed by two cops (Atul Kulkarni, Kishore) cracks the case easily to catch Ashok, Arjun, Maya and Anitha red handed.

Here Maya narrates the flashback to Arjun, Anitha. Into the flashback, Ashok and Sanjay (Rana) used to work for Mumbai Anti Terrorist Squad. A scam in Bullet Proof Jackets by Home Minister (Mahesh Manjrekar) and crooked Police Officer (Atul Kulkarni) takes the life of Sanjay. Rest is how did Ashok, Arjun, Anitha and Maya complete the revenge is action filled climax.

Values & Out of the Movie Aata Aarambam: Like all his past movies, director Vishnuvarhan ‘Makes it Simple’ by concentrating more on stylish presentation and huge action episodes with a compromised content. Movie runs on a fast pace with some thrilling moments till the first half which ends on interesting note. Once the contemporary element of Politics, Corruption, and Crooked Police Officer is bought to the fore with second half climax, rest looks pale, cliché and extended. Cinematography of Om Prakash is top notch and the introduction bomb blasts emulated in VFX were highly qualitative. Editing wise, Sreekar Prasad could have trimmed some portions in second half. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score is vibrating and for main score of songs, it’s not so impressive. Production values of Seenu Babu and OMICS are highly commendable. 

Among the performances, Ajith looks magnetic with superb screen presence. After some time, Nayanathara is pretty hot with much needed show of oomph and sexy expressions. Arya’s first look in fat getup produced some humor while Tapsee was so cute and sweet. Mahesh Manjrekar, Atul Kulkarni stuck to their roles. Next, Rana’s cameo with a well shot action episode with raining bullets is a surprise package. Suma Ranganathan as lady antagonist, Akshara Gowda as daughter to Mahesh Manjrekar and Murali Sharma as a terrorist were apt fit.

Unlike our Telugu films filled with formula content of three comedy bits, four songs etc, ‘Aata Aarambam’ is a true Vishnuvardhan product. Of course, the content gets cliché ridden in second half thus a fall in standards, yet the film is worth once a watch if you admire Ajith for chic looks and Nayan for hot body. Anyways, Rana too will be an added advantage for Telugu audience who is the real key for total story. By the time of climax and pre-climax, graph falls down or I can say that, the game of Transfering the Amount from Akshara Gowda’s Bank Account is the point from where movie falls down in speed. On any comparison, first half runs at a deadly pace and second half disappoints. 

Cinejosh Verdict of Aata Aarambam: A Stylish Action Game

                                                      Cinejosh Rating: 2.75

                                                                                                 Reviewed by Srivaas

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