Aaradugula Bullet Review

Aaradugula Bullet Review
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Director: B.Gopal
Producer: Thandra Ramesh
Release Date: Fri 08th Oct 2021
Actors: Gopichand
Aaradugula Bullet Rating: 2 / 5
Aaradugula Bullet Punchline: Rusted and got stuck in the barrel!

What's Behind

When the project Aaradugula Bullet was announced everyone got excited at the prospect of seeing Gopichand romance lady super star Nayanatara under mass director B,Gopal's direction. However the project for various reasons got delayed repeatedly and many even doubted whether the project was shelved or ran into some problems. The makers finally decided to release the film today, encouraged by Gopichand's recent film Seeti Marr's success. Let us see what Aaradugula Bullet offered to movie lovers.

Story Review

Murthy (Prakash Raj) is well respected in the society in Vijaywada. He is peeved with his son Shiva (Gopichand) and even his family members are unhappy with him, as he roams around listlessly without doing any job and instead getting into unwanted quarrels all the time. Things get complicated when a powerful don Kashi (Abhimanyu  Singh) the most feared in the city, enters into their lives.

Where this leads to and how the beautiful girl Nayana (Nayanatara) is connected to it, forms the story of Aaradugula Bullet.

Artists, Technicians Review

B.Gopal known for his mass masala films tried to elevate Gopichand's heroism in masses to a new level. But much to the surprise of all, the action starts only after one hour and till then it goes on listlessly. The entire story is loaded with out and out commercial elements. Everything looked routine and monotonous and the story resembles many previous mass entertainers;. Vakkantam Vamsi's story has shades of his previous films.

There is nothing to talk about the screenplay and direction. With forced comedy, romance and action scenes, viewers are treated with an age old story. Even that could have worked had the makers touched up on current happenings etc. But with B.Gopal handling the direction, he couldn't come out of his shell. He didn't update and upgrade the Aaradugula Bullet and finally it affected the film in a disastrous manner.

After the routine first half, interval bang comes with full of routineness and predictability. Second half goes on the same route before the core topic is touched upon at the climax. The forced scenes with Brahmanandam in the name of comedy only dragged the narration in the second half. The 80s kind of narration, story, screenplay and direction ended up testing the patience of the viewers.

Gopichand passed through the motions in the role apt for him. He was not required to do anything extraordinary and just performed stunts, romance etc. Some of his dialogues are loud and he did his best to attract the masses in a way known to him. Nayanatara performed the typical heroine role, romancing hero  and there is nothing for her to do in the story, Her role is not that important to the proceedings. Prakash Raj performed his role to perfection and elevated the scenes with his dialogues, expressions and emotions,

After a long time one gets to see Brahmanandam on screen. But he failed to set the screens on fire. MS.Narayana and Jaya Prakash Reddy bring back their old memories but except that didnot do any value addition along with Brahmanandam, Other actors like Madhunandan and Manorama played inconsequential roles.

There is nothing to rave about Mani Sharma's music and background score. His BGM turned out to be loud while songs are just ok. Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao's editing left a lot to be desired. But he couldn't be faulted as the story itself is outdated. Balamurugan's cinematography failed to make an impression on viewers. Production values are just ok.



Gopichand, Prakash Raj to some extent



Story, Screenplay, Direction



Protagonist's characterisation

Outdated elements

Rating Analysis

When Gopichand, B.Gopal and Vakkantam Vamsi teamed up and roped in Nayanatara, people expected a powerful and massy special. But much to the disappointment of all, they came with routine, outdated story giving endless torture to the viewers in theatres. Routine story, weak chracterisations, forced narrations, insipid screenplay and direction played spoilsport. Taking all these points into consideration, CJ goes with a 2 rating for Aaradugula Bullet.


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