Aakaasha Raamanna Movie Review First on net

Aakaasha Raamanna Movie Review First on net
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Behind the Movie Aakaasha Raamanna: A film with too many artists like Allari Naresh, Shivaji, Rajiv Kanakala, Meera Jasmine and Gouri Pandit can easily attract the audience and that too with a difference in the title ‘Aakaasha Raamanna’ one could easily expect a movie which is off the regular track. But, unfortunately the interest is killed by producers as this ‘Aakaasha Raamanna’ is waiting from a very long time to get onto the earth. Let us see, how well does this landing took place?

In the Movie Aakaasha Raamanna: Teja (Rajiv Kanakala), a big cheat has trapped a beautiful girl Isha (Gouri Pandit), who is of course still more a big cheater than her love Teja. Teja and Isha get ready to elope and Isha requires an amount of Rs. 10 Lakhs to get settled in life and the only source she finds is her two part time lovers Raana (Allari Naresh) and Jai (Shivaji), the two flirts who had sexual relation with her and both of them being again good friends.

Laying the trap to grab the money from them, Isha is successful as she collects Rs. 5 Lakhs from Jai who steals the money from his own Super Market but unfortunately he is dead. The time when Isha gets ready for the money from Raana who again steals the money from the same Super Market using his friend Tara (Meera Jasmine), Isha is dead by a hit and run case. Now, Police Inspector Imtiaz Ali (Rao Ramesh) finds the dead body of Jai in the vehicle of Teja, while Raana and Tara are already in his custody on burglary case in the Super Market. Are Jai and Isha really dead? Then who killed them? What were their misfortunes? Who is following them? form the rest of story.               
Values of the Movie Aakaasha Raamanna: ‘Karma Siddhantha’ preaches that it is the duty of human beings to perform good and bad Karmas and the result of these Karmas will follow in many forms of your daily life. If you do a good Karma, you reap the benefit in a positive way and if you perform a bad Karma, the result is prone to be bad and will adversely affect your life style. This is the core message of the movie.

If Teja, Isha and Jai are very bad in the movie, they get the right treatment of death and life sentence in some other form. It was Raana who was partially good and Tara a real good girl, they get the positive and happiness in their lives. It was Timothy (Venu Madhav) who had a bitter eye on women and always wants to lay them on bed, so he receives the bad result as he becomes a Eunuch when his sexual organ is cut off in an accident which forms a part of the story. Director G. Ashok has come up with a different concept to appeal the audience but the shaggy narration mixed with useless elements confuses the audience leaving them in despair. Story was quite straight which happens in a span of around 30 minutes but too many forward and backward linkages made the movie look like a hard subject in our academic education.

Well, speaking about the characters we don’t find any heroes or villains in the movie, if Rajiv Kanakala, Allari Naresh and Shivaji have done their usual bests; it was Gouri Pandit who looked sexy while Meera Jasmine was regular. Remaining Rao Ramesh, Naga Babu and Sana were okay. Venu Madhav who did some vulgar comedy was felt ashamed by audience in the theatre. Music by Chakri is not worth to mention as we have only one song and that too an item number by Madhu Sharma. Background score was gripping. Manyam Ramesh’s Production values were also good.

Out of the Movie Aakaasha Raamanna:
For all those who do regular brain teasing Shakuntala Devi puzzles, you may find it easy to digest the movie. Others who look for some innovativeness in the concept, still you may like it a bit but for others it is a damn waste movie. First half ends on a confusing note while second half tried to get rid of some of your questions. Script based movies like Aakaasha Raamanna are worth praising but appealing of audience will be tough task for them. This is a disturbing subject on ‘Karma Siddhantha’ which is well conceptualized using every character in the movie. Every human being is good by nature, but time and situations turn them to become bad or even worst. When you become bad or worst, you feel that no one is observing and you perform those misdeeds in dark…but there is some force behind which is really monitoring you. This unknown force can be termed as God by few and Spirits by few more…but our Director calls it as ‘Aakaasha Raamanna.’

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Aakaasha Raamanna:
A disturbing concept which may not appeal everybody. Purchase the ticket, it is your Karma; result may be good for few and bad for few others.

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