Aaha Kalyanam Movie Review

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Aaha Kalyanam Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Aaha Kalyanam: Original version of this film of ‘Band Baaja Baarat’ in Hindi is a smashing hit. Nani and Vaani Kapoor joined their hands with Yash Raj Films in this remake. Let us see, how grand was this wedding?

In the Movie Aaha Kalyanam: Story begins with introduction to Sakthi (Nani) introduced as a jovial and energetic college guy who hates of going back to native rural village. Accidentally, Sakthi meets an aspiring wedding planner girl Shruti (Vaani Kapoor). Unable to face the torture of father, Nani decides to join as partner with Shruti in development of wedding business. Facing a humiliating situation working at senior wedding planner Chandralekha (Simran), they enter into wedding market with the brand of ‘Gatti Melam.’ Soon success touches their feet and become one of the top organizers in city. However, one night of intimacy spoil their rapport leading to ego clashes and separation with Nani opening his own branch of Happy Wedding. What happened later on? Did they two ever meet up? If so, how their life became colorful yet again? ‘

Values & Out of the Movie Aaha Kalyanam: True pulling factor of this film is the jodi of Nani and Vaani Kapoor. Just like Hindi version, Nani-Vaani chemistry worked for most of the time. There is a magical touch in their body languages. However, there is problem with scripting and direction. When rehashing the same Hindi script, director Gokul has totally failed to manage the nativity. In fact, I can say that ‘Aaha Kalyanam’ is more of a dubbing (from Tamil to Telugu) than a remake. 

When the concept is based on marriages, how Gokul thought of going ahead in Telugu version without showing a single Telugu marriage? Filling the screen with glowing colors isn’t just enough; it needs a strong emotion to strike a bond with audience. Despite Nani and Vaani Kapoor showed necessary magnetism in their performances, the soul was missing. Yash Raj Films rely more on content driven movies with awesome lead star cast. In their first stepping into South, they made a mistake by offering a dubbing movie to Telugu audience in the name of Telugu movie. 

Till now, I can say Nani showcased his best talent here. His timing of dialogues was so cute and as a careless guy, he did the best. Vaani Kapoor is hourglass figure with demonstrative face features. Though I cannot compare the pair of Nani, Vaani with the excellence and ease of Ranveer, Anushka Sharma, yet they offered few praiseworthy moments. Simran had a brief appearance. Of the remaining cast, I did not find at least one Telugu artist to my disappointment. Based on the script, major drama runs between the lead pair, so other supporting artists become minimally important. 

Sashank Vennelakanti dialogues are just average. Mixing Romance and Finance was a good one among all. Loganathan Srinivasan’s camera work is delightful with screen always looking splashy. Bavan Kumar’s editing was a mere average to below average work. While Dharan’s music score sounded good to ears, lyrics are miserable. Never to mention in specific, Yash Raj maintained superb production values showing their class apart.

When trying with remakes, there is no harm even if original script and narration are followed as it is. Though risky, it is tough for writers and directors to bring in the nativity factor with which ever the language they are dealing in with. Gokul definitely worked with Tamil nativity but no where I can sense the traditions and depth needed for striking a chord with Telugu audience pulse. OMG, leave Vaani, there was no lip sync even with Nani. As story is wafer thin, second half runs only on egoistic reasons which demands solid dialogues, convincing presentation and of course never missing the entertainment quotient. Nothing worked here until story reaches the rolling title cards. 

On positive note, Nani might win special praises in Tamil because we have seen him performing to perfection in Telugu even before. Vaani Kapoor is a feast to eyes. For those who watched ‘Band Baaja Baarat,’ this marriage can’t be called as ‘Aaha’ or ‘Oho.’

Cinejosh Verdict of Aaha Kalyanam: Not ‘Aaha’… This is Just ‘Average.’

                                                        Cinejosh Rating: 2.5

                                                                                                  Reviewed by Srivaas

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