Aadu Magaduraa Bujji Review

Aadu Magaduraa Bujji Review
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Behind the Movie AMB: Hero Sudheer Babu’s last film ‘Prema Katha Chithram’ was a surprise hit and now he teamed with debutant director Krishna Reddy Gangadasu for this powerful mass title. How far Sudheer Babu was able to establish him self with the film, let us go into the details.

In the Movie AMB: Story begins with introduction to a happy, go lucky, young and intelligent student dude Siddhu (Sudheer Babu) who joins a new college to win the love of his girl Indu (Asmita Sood), sister of college rowdy Cherry (Ranadhir). From here on, Siddhu’s only goal is to impress Indu and he completes it to perfection. Meanwhile, Siddhu also develops rivalry with local politician Sankaranna (Ajay). In order to marry Indu, the only option left for Siddhu is to make Cherry understand the sweetness in love and thus germinates love between classmates Anjali (Poonam Kaur) and Cherry. Twist here, Anjali is none other than Maradalu to Sankaranna who almost beats Cherry to death. Seeing all this, Indu also miscalculates Siddhu as selfish and breaks up.

Why did Siddhu and Indu go for shelter at Sankaranna’s home? What is the game plan of Siddhu to separate Sankaranna from Anjali? When did Indu realize a good human being in Siddhu? How Sankranna reacted to Brain Tumor drama? All these form the rest.

Values of the Movie AMB: The style and clever narration strategy adopted by debutant Krishna Reddy was impressive for a while. However, he fell into the same click ridden trap as the story proceeded on. In fact, characterization of Sudheer Babu resembled to some extent to that of Ram in ‘Kandireega.’ From a debutant director, further more quality is expected. Screenplay in second half spoiled the energy shown in first half. Antonio’s cinematography and Thammiraju’s editing are just fair to middling. Sree’s musical score does not require even a mention. King Solomons’ stunt composition did not utilize the flexibility in Sudheer Babu. Production values of SNR, Colors & Claps are praiseworthy. 

Performance wise, Sudheer Babu as usual excelled in dances and fights. As an artist, he should exploit the situations available in story to exhibit the skills. Unluckily, he does not possess that caliber. Secondly, heroine Asmita Sood neither has face value nor acting sense. Ranadhir’s character abruptly misses in second half. Poonam Kaur is fine. Ajay struck to his regular basics as a bad guy. Dog Comedy was initially enjoyed and when it got extended to become a track for entire film, it went unbearable. Naresh was over reacting. Then the comedy on 30 Years Prudhvi, Krishna Bhagawan was adultery. Rest just made their presence felt.

Out of the Movie AMB: Selection of a complete, regular mass entertaining script and plot by Krishna Reddy on still to establish Sudheer Babu was a mistake. At a time when other film industries are experimenting with new brain waves, we are still into the same old theory. Krishna Reddy’s attempt to showcase Sudheer as all-rounder did not work here. In fact, choreographers are also using the same ‘SMS’ movie steps on the hero. Using of fraudulent Brain Tumor drama to deceive Ajay goes on to show the outdated thinking of a fresh director. Definitely, Sudheer Babu’s energy needs to be tapped by a still more matured director. Overall, AMB leaves much more expected and very less delivered. 

Commercially, AMB might open well in some areas for high promotions of Sudheer Baby six packs. A long run is definitely doubtful.        

Cinejosh Rating of AMB: Idi Hittu Kotte Cinemaa Yenaa Bujji?

                                       Cinejosh Rating: 2.5

                                                                                 Reviewed by Srivaas

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