A- Ad Infinitum Review

A- Ad Infinitum Review
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Director: Ugandhar Muni
Producer: Geetha Minsala
Release Date: Fri 05th Mar 2021
Actors: Nithin Prasanna
A- Ad Infinitum Rating: 2.5 / 5
A- Ad Infinitum Punchline: Good Concept, Dull Execution

A- Ad Infinitum Review, What’s Behind? 

Teaser and trailer of a small time film A- Ad Infinitum raised interest. Nithin Prasanna is making debut as hero while first timer Ugandhar Muni has directed the film. Will A give any competition to numerous films hit the screens today.

A- Ad Infinitum Story Review:

A recurring dream haunts Sanjeev (Nithin Prasanna) who works in accounts department in a hospital where his wife Pallavi (Preethi Asrani) is a nurse. Meanwhile, a police officer is given the responsibility of catching a criminal behind a kid’s kidnap case. The police officer in his investigation finds that, a huge number of orphan kids went missing in last few months. Who is the kidnapper? What’s his motive? Why recurring dreams haunt Sanjeev? Does it have any connection with the kidnaps?

A- Ad Infinitum Artists, Technicians Review: 

Films of the small scale work only when concepts are outstanding. Director Ugandhar Muni opted for a unique story. But, the problem lies with the sluggish screenplay. There are some surprising elements in the film which make it a decent watch. Praveen K Bangari's camera work for a limited budget film is just brilliant. Couple of songs scored by Vijay Kurakula was good, wherein his background score is one of the biggest assets. Editors Anand Pawan and Manikandan should have chopped off few boring scenes in the film. Production values are good in standard for the film of the genre.

Onto artists, Nithin Prasanna has done good job. He has convincingly shown variations in triple roles. Preethi Asrani looked apt in the role of a typical wife. The actor who played the police officer was cool. Other artists were okay.

A- Ad Infinitum Review Advantages: 


Nithin’s Performance

Thrilling Elements

A- Ad Infinitum Review Drawbacks: 


Seriousness In Narration

Lack Of Commercial Elements

A- Ad Infinitum Review Rating Analysis:

The teaser as well as trailer didn’t give many hints about the film’s plotline, except that it is based on clinical trials. Except for the beginning portions, the film doesn’t talk about the core point till the mid of second half. Although, flashback episodes are not so convincing, the investigation process generates some interest at one point of time.

The very beginning we are made to prepare that the film A-Ad Infinitum is about clinical trials. Protagonist suffers with recurring dreams and he is desperate about his past which he can’t remember. He goes to places and meets people to know about his past. The story turns interesting with series of kidnap cases in the city. And, hero is the main suspect, as his DNA matches with the kidnapper.

The latter half begins on an interesting note as Nithin is arrested as prime suspect in his daughter’s kidnap case. This makes us curious to know the connection between the protagonist, the kidnapper and a revolutionist during Emergency in India in 1975. But, things turn lethargic as the protagonist is on search of his missing daughter. In the meantime, Nithin reaches kidnapers place to know shocking fact about his past and his connection between the two characters. All the conversation about pituitary gland is educational.

Overall, A- Ad Infinitum is a decent film. The basic idea is unique, but the dull execution plays spoilsport. CJ gives this film 2.5 rating for honest attempt from the makers. We recommend to watch the film, if you love science thrillers.


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