90ML Review

90ML Review
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Director: Sekhar Reddy
Producer: Ashok Reddy
Release Date: Fri 06th Dec 2019
Actors: Karthikeya
90ML Rating: 2.25 / 5
90ML Punchline: Where's The Kick?

90ML Review, What’s Behind?

Young hero Karthikeya who shot to fame with RX 100 failed to cash on. He pinned all hopes on 90ML. Caught themarket attention with a catchy title, this film marks debut as director for Sekhar Reddy and Neha Solanki as heroine. Let’s see, whether 90ML has got any kick in it or not?

90ML Story Review:

Devadas (Karthikeya) suffers from a rare disease called fetal alcohol syndrome which means he will die if he doesn’t consume 90ML of alcohol thrice a day. He falls in love with beautiful physiotherapist Suvasana (Neha Sonanki) whose family hates alcoholism and endorses alcohol free society including father (Rao Ramesh). How Devadas deals with the problem to win his love when weird behaving villain John Wick (Ravi Kishen) joins the story.

90ML Artists, Technicians Review:

First of all the concept though looks odd to hear, inherently had loopholes. Fetal alcohol syndrome occurs if mothers consume high dose of alcohol when they are pregnant. And, then, the children are born with the disease. Patrons never bother about the liberties in plot if the line is handled skillfully. Debutante Sekhar Reddy’s novelty in thought is marred by inexperience in writing, direction. Screenplay is filled with many forcible and formulaic situations. When the central story line is so thin, obviously screenplay needs to be very tight to charm the romantic track and keep the viewers in splits with comedy. Here’s where Sekhar Reddy missed the focus. Though he introduced many characters to generate fun and elevate emotion, unfortunately this didn’t play to the galleries. 

J Yuvraj’s cinematography is colorful as blocks were eye candy. Two to three songs composed by Anup Rubens were fine and massy whereas background score is all right. Editing has many loose ends and production values are really good.

Onto performances, Karthikeya impressed another time with energy in action part, dances and easiness in acting. Nonetheless, it is high time for him to focus on content-rich films rather than hero-worship scripts. Neha Sonanki is naturally striking with girl next door looks and screen presence is ok. Rao Ramesh was usual and Satya Prakash looked inapt for the role which needed innocence and honesty. Posani, Ali and other comedy batch however tickled funny bones here and there. Ravi Kishen, Prabhakar, Roller Raghu  in the name of comedy proved to be irksome.

90ML Review Advantages:


Production Values

90ML Review Drawbacks:



Second Half

Romantic Track

90ML Review, Rating Analysis:

We have seen many films based on protagonist suffering with peculiar diseases. While few of them stood as hits, most of them sunk without trace. 90ML falls somewhere in between because the film lacks engagement factor but had some rehashed comedy episodes which might work with masses.

First half initial portions are an insight into the life of protagonist who is diagnosed with a rare disease. Consequences of his problem are not ably shown and registered. Nevertheless the disease was commercially presented making us ready to enjoy the fun in coming portions. Illogical scenes and insensitive treatment did all the damage later on. Romance that needed to play key role is feebly dealt and songs instead of ripening the chemistry between lead pair are handled in wrong manner. Villain’s thread of Ravi Kishen is so erratic. As is predicted, Neha and her family know about Karthikeya’s original drinking habit which is the intermission.

When the narration needed more push in second half, things turn further lethargic. Later portions are dragged mercilessly included the comedy portions on Karthikeya briefing about disease. Ravi Kishen’s meditation or Praveen’s entry or even Ali’s rehabilitation scenes could not save the grace. Finally, the movie ends on happy note like every other commercial cinema.

All in all, 90ML is a loosely made film suffering with weak writing and spineless direction syndrome. Few among the frontbenchers may like bits n pieces of comedy and action else Karthikeya’s 90 ML hasn’t got enough kick to drool audience in joy. CJ goes with 2.25 stars.


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