3 Roses Web Series Review

3 Roses Web Series Review
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Director: Maggi
Producer: SKN
Release Date: Fri 12th Nov 2021
Actors: Payal Rajput
3 Roses Movie Rating: 2 / 5
Punchline: 3 Roses - Routine Poses

What's Behind

3 Roses happens to be the first female starrer web series in Tollywood and with Maruthi providing the concept and the web series streaming for Aha, movie lovers got attracted and the youthful romantic elements increased the interest levels. The web series started streaming on Aha Prime Video and let us see what 3 Roses offered.

Story Review

3 Roses is about three beautiful young girls Jahnvi (Payal Rajput), Ritu (Eesha Rebba), and Indu (Poorna). Jahnvi who leads a life like a Freebird in a carefree manner without bothering about relationships and enjoying the entire essence entering into relationships without any restrictions, is forced by her mother to have a look at the prospective groom of her choice. Ritu, a hardworking and bright business school graduate is showing her talent and taking rapid strides in a reputed company, she faces a huge shock when her parents pressurize her to get married to the groom of their choice by quitting her posh job and sacrificing her future. Indu is being blamed by her aunt and uncle who raised her because of her age and for not getting married and instead of being extremely particular about the qualities in her prospective bridegroom. How they are connected and they solve their problems form the 3 Roses storyline.

Artists, Technicians Review

Maruthi came with the concept and the webseries is directed by his assistant Maggie. Ravi Namburi penned the story. The makers came with a female centric webseries and tried to showcase it as female empowerment. However for all their unique concept and except for few hilarious scenes here and there, the narration turned predictable and story turned routine. There are no real twists and turns and screenplay and direction went on the expected lines much to the disappointment of the viewers.

One gets an impression that filmmakers are tending to go to the extremes like showcasing women either too traditional like wearing sarees and doing household chores or turning bold, shunning everything, showing no inhibitions and smoking cigarettes, going to pubs and having relationships and using cusswords.

Eesha Rebba performed her role in a natural and realistic manner. Everyone gets connected to her role as there are many women who are forced to quit jobs for marriage. Eesha portrayed the feelings of such women in a perfect manner showcasing good expressions and emotions. Payal Rajput is apt for the role of bold girl like Janhvi. She oozed with glamor and did what is required from her. Poorna performed well in her role and she got a strong character. Viva Harsha impressed with his hilarious acts.

Ravi Varma did well as the father of Janhvi and the father-daughter bonding is portrayed in a good manner in few scenes. Satyam Rajesh played the role who suffers from health issues. Bigg Boss fame Sarayu's cameo is just ok while Goparaju Ramana performed a similar role he is known for.  For all their efforts, one gets a feeling that most of the characters are a miscast. Even the lead actors looked as though they are passing through the motions, showing disinterested or being uncomfortable.

Sunny's music is good. The entire story got only one song. His background score is good. Cinematography of Balreddy is in sync with the story and elevated the scenes. Editing of SB.Uddhav is ok but few drags could have been done away with. Production values are good.


Eesha Rebba

Hilarious scenes



Routine elements

Predictable narration

Rating Analysis

3 Roses webseries generated interest with the female cast of Eesha Rebba, Payal Rajput and Poorna and Maruthi's association increased expectations. However the makers failed to offer anything new and came with routine elements.Repetitive dialogues, predictable narration ended up testing the patience of the viewers disappointing all. CJ goes with a 2 rating for 3 Roses considering all these aspects.

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