2012 Movie Review

2012 Movie Review
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Director: Roland Emmerich
Producer: Harald Kloser, Mark Gordon, Larry Franco
Release Date: Thu 12th Nov 2009
Actors: John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet
2012 Movie Rating: 2.75 / 5
Punchline: 2012 - A Visual Grandeur

Behind the Movie 2012: Hollywood always rely on fascinating concepts and stories and this is a known fact to whole world. As a woman born on the same land of Hollywood, Director Ronald Emmerich every two or three years arrive to disturb one or the other part of universe. If “Independence Day” and “The day after tomorrow” deal with destruction in parts, this “2012” is the wholesale destruction of the whole globe. With already a notion created among the Indians about possible destruction of the whole globe by the proofs available in Mayan Caledar, Jesus and Veerabrahmendra Swamy preaching’s, there was a huge expectation on this “2012” to watch how will this destruction be? 

In the Movie 2012:
It is in the year 2009, an Indian astro physician Satnam (Jimi) finds out that temperature in the earth’s interior layers are rapidly raising and the neutrinos thus generated are moving with never seen high energy levels. All these indicating the possible destruction of the whole world by the so called “Tectonic Plate”movements causing the generation of tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes and all that is needed for the massive havoc. When the same is revealed to a young US scientist Adrian (Chiwetel Ejiofor), the news fastly reaches the US President Wilson (Danny Grover). After holding the necessary meetings with G-8 countries, all of them agree to keep the news confidential and do all that is necessary to save the mankind from this disastrous catastrophe. Who ever reveals the secret will be killed. Now, when the year 2012 has arrived, the unexpected comes as a shock that San Andrea’s fault and Living Stone Hot Springs start to show their warning signals. At this point of time, Jack Curtis (John Cusack) a sci-fi novelist arrives at Living Stone Park by breaking the fence with his children for an outing. He will soon find the mystery behind Government’s failure in informing the people about possible destruction of mankind. By this time, already California and peripheral areas of San Andreas Fault are vanished from the globe. Jack and his family escape from the danger and make their way to China where massive vessels are built by these G-8 countries secretly to escape from this global vanish and this service is for only elite sections of the world. Soon, the destruction passes on from California to other coast of the USA and then towards Europe destructing all the countries with earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. At last many people from allover the World reach China and make their places in these vessels which have the capability to even overcome the huge hydrodynamic forces of Tsunami. What were the problems faced by these people in vessels by great Tsunami? How did they overcome them? Where will hey land now? forms an exciting climax which has to be seen only on the big screens.

Values of the Movie 2012:
The technical brilliance and the visual grandeur of the movie stand tall among all the movies that were made in this world till date. Forget about the performances of John Cusack or Eminda Peet or Chiwetel Ejiofor or Danny Grover, all of them are perfect…but the visual graphics take you over the globe as if you start feeling that you are really struck by this 2012 disaster. The perfect mix of sentiment, emotion, romance, fear and graphics make the movie a real winner. The way how Himalayas are shown to be drowned off, collapse of Vatican City, fall of statue of Liberty and White House, episodes in those huge vessels take you on a dream drive.   

Out of the Movie 2012:
If you believe in Mayans calendar, Jesus Christ and Brahmendra Swamy preaching’s or if you have already studied something about Doom’s day conspiracy, Judgement day or Apocalypse, then you will thoroughly enjoy the movie. If you don’t know anything about them, then you may start believing in them or get interested to know about them in detail. The way how climax was picturized show the thorough research work done by Director on this subject. The perfect play of endogenetic and exogenetic forces on the physical features of the earth is clearly made understood to layman.
The interesting points in climax which make an intellectual think about are:
1)    Shift of North and South Poles.
2)    Upheaval of the continent of South Africa.
3)    Removal of major monumental places from the world map.
4)    Greater Himalaya’s are no more the highest peaks in Wolrd, but a narrow streak of Drakensburg Mountains in South Africa replace them.

Cine Josh Verdict “2012”: A magnum opus, a visual grandeur along with pulse racing action scenes make you feel as if you are not in the theatre but on an International tour and suddenly struck up in this apocalypse. A must watch movie for all those who love technical brilliance in the movies.

The vigils and claps in the theatres by all categories of audience gives a clear verdict that it is a movie worth to watch. But watch it only on those screens which have good projection and excellent surround system.

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