1945 Movie Review

1945 Movie Review
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Director: Sathya siva
Producer: SN.Rajarajan
Release Date: Fri 07th Jan 2022
Actors: Rana
1945 movie Rating: 1 / 5
1945 movie Punchline: Down and Dusted

What's Behind

Hot Hunk Rana is known for his versatile performances and different genre entertainers. His period entertainer 1945 which was long forgotten suddenly came out and hit the screens today. This surprised many and what is more surprising is even Rana disowned it. Let us see how 1945 fared in such huge negativity.

Story Review

Aadi (Rana) lands in Burma at a time when Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose starts preparing for the final assault on the British by turning his Indian National Army into a powerful outfit. Even as Aadi is all set to enter into wedlock with Aanandi (Regina Cassandra), daughter of a Tehsildar (Nassar) shocking developments happen. To find out more about it, enjoy 1945 on-screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Satyasiva came with an interesting plot and story. He starts off in an exciting manner. However, he lost steam within no time. He failed with his screenplay and direction. He failed to come with powerful characters and with a lack of powerful and intense emotions, the intensity dipped completely. The story with a patriotic backdrop lacked the basic emotions which power the film. Even dialogues failed to inspire any confidence.

Satyashiva seems to have been inspired by various patriotic entertainers and one feels many resemblances to the characters in 1942 A Love Story. But this turned out to be a poor replica of the classic. With Satyasiva deciding to end the central character Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in the middle, the story heads nowhere.

Hot Hunk Rana is known to put everything into his role. He perfectly suited in his role and initially came with impactful performance. But it seems as the film progressed he lost interest and so looked jaded. As Rana did not dub for his role, it turned out to be a huge negative. Regina Cassandra looked good in a traditional role and performed well.

Satyaraj did not get much scope for performance and the same is the case with Nassar. Saptagiri is ok. None of the characters elevated the scenes on the screen and ended up testing the patience of the viewers. People are left wondering why Rana signed this film in the first place.

Sathya Ponmar's cinematography is beautiful. The 1945 British era is recreated in a perfect manner. Yuvan Shankar Raja tried to make an impact but BGM failed to elevate the scenes. Editing of Gopi Krishna left a lot to be desired. Production values are poor.





Screenplay, Direction

Illogical scenes


Rating Analysis

Rana's 1945 generated interest when he announced the bilingual. But after watching the unforgotten film which released suddenly after Rana disowned it completely, it seems that the differences between the 1945 team spoiled the entire project. 1945 turned out to be a disaster due to the creative differences and ego clashes. With a lack of emotions, story, screenplay, and direction, CJ goes with a 1 rating for 1945.


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