16 Movie Review

16 Movie Review
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Director: Karthick Naren
Producer: Chadalavada Padmavathi
Release Date: Fri 10th Mar 2017
Actors: Rahaman
16 Movie Rating: 3 / 5
Punchline: 16 - An Intriguing Tthriller

16 Movie Review, What’s Behind: Popular supporting artist Rahaman as main lead, the experimental investigation thriller made by a fresh technical team is run-away hit in Tamil. The same is now dubbed in Telugu. Let’s see, what are the other details in the review?

16 Movie Story: Story begins from Deepak (Rahaman) view point who is now a retired inspector and crippled person living in a hill station. Deepak’s subordinate Rajaiah’s son, aspiring to join police force meets Deepak at the hill station to know and solve a mysterious case, last handled by Deepak. Here Deepak begins to narrate the case which has uncertain leads. Two guys killed on the same night, one shot with a gun on the main road and second hit by a car. A paper delivery boy becomes first to report the case. Further links like a short film making video revealing two girls living in an apartment where blood marks belonging to one of the dead is found, three young spoilt MBA students passing on same road on same night interlaced into crime scene results in complexity. What’s the actual incident happened on that particular night? How Deepak and newly joined enthusiastic cop Gautham (Prakash) crack the case is rest.

16 Movie Artists and Technicians: Gone are the days when formula movies made by popular production houses, known artists and star directors alone used to grab the focus. Here is one more strong example on how new age young talents are adopting the trends impressing with their novel thoughts, well worked screenplays and stunning execution. The film is made with a perplexing screenplay based on happenings in one night. Attention at every minute detail, taut screenplay, unusual suspects, clever investigation and sensibly etched characters by writer, director Karthick Naren keep us on edge of seat. The way he kept whole mystery packed till the very last hour is surely a quality narrative. Writing is very crisp and up to the point. Camera work by Sujith Sarang is nothing less than perfection. For a project taken on shoe string budget, such visuals enhanced the impact. Particularly, rain shots need a mention. Sreejith Sarang’s crisp editing makes the story to flow naturally. Despite there are lengthy shots, it only helped audience to hook with mood. Jakes Bejoy’s background musical score is synced superbly with the thrill. Production values from Chadalawada are also good.

Onto performances, we connect more with characters instead of artists. As story runs with interpretation from Rahaman, he is considered the hero. But during climax, if the same is visualized from Gautham’s angle, hero of the film changes. That’s the brilliance in screenplay. Rahaman’s body language, voice and his carrying forward from one crime scene to other, he is just perfect. Prakash does well with two looks. Among the rest, everyone did their part and many of them are new Tamil faces.

 16 Movie Advantages:

- Screenplay

- Artists

- Cinematography

- Music

- Climax

16 Movie Drawbacks:

- Complexity

- Redundant First Half

- No Commercial Values

- Missing Nativity

16 Movie Rating Analysis: Crime based thrillers aren’t so common in Telugu industry. Reason why we are offered with ‘16’ is it got a popular positive audience verdict in Tamil and hasn’t got any language barriers to connect. Undoubtedly, 16 is technically a strong film with terrific job by every passionate technician associated. Although, movie begins on a dull note with randomness in every crime detailing, soon it gets very tight leaving audience at guess game every minute.

Beginning the actual first half story with a crippled police officers and police aspirant discussion looks a bit dull. Once we get into the story from crime scene on road and apartment, we are thrown to many links generating the thrill. By the end of first half, it may look as if we are left with some unneeded stuff but when the tagline every detail counts come to thought, it’s a brain game.

Into second half, though proceedings are a bit slow, twists untangle one after the other. Deepak’s theory proposed in mid second half makes us believe on what would have happened. But, climax is really different because an emotional element and cleverly designed Gautham character leaves us in shock.

Commerciality aside, 16 is a crime mystery narrated with gripping screenplay. There are many brain teasing elements sustaining the excitement and thrill. For common entertainment movie lovers, this isn’t the cup of tea but for those audience who love to break a puzzle, this is for you. CJ goes for 3 stars recommending the film for weekend. 

Cinejosh 16 Movie Verdict: An Intriguing Tthriller

Cinejosh 16 Movie Rating: 3/5

                                       Reviewed by Srivaas

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