100 Love Movie Review

100 Love Movie Review
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Behind the Movie 100% Love: Naga Chaitanya and Tamanna joined the talented director Sukumar for this unusually titled flick on Geetha Arts. Music scored by Devi Sri Prasad already on the chartbusters, let us see how much % of marks did Sukku score with this ‘100% Love’?

In the Movie 100% Love: Balu Mahendra (Naga Chaitanya) is an Engineering student at KBR College and also the college topper. He always wants to be Number One and likes to be called as ‘Balu is great.’ Now enters his ‘Maradalu Pilla’ Maha Lakshmi (Tamanna) into the same college and residing in Balu’s house. Being from a Telugu medium background Maha Lakshmi gets assistance from ‘Bava’ Balu and soon she tops the exams. 

Then on cat and mouse fights between the two for top rank gives a chance to other student Ajith (Anand) to become number one ranker in college. Maha and Balu get on to a compromise to beat Ajith in final year exams. In due course of combined preparation, they fall in love but egos stop them from sharing their inner opinions. Although Balu becomes the college topper, he isn’t happy for Maha because she feels that Ajith is still a better student than Balu. 

Clash of egos make them depart while Balu’s grandma (KR Vijaya) wants to see her grand son and grand daughter united for marriage. How did Balu’s grandfather (Vijay Kumar) living separated from his wife make this young pair realize the true meaning of love forms the key point. In between Maha agrees to marry Ajith and Balu agrees to marry his Personal Secretary Priya. Finally how this childish couple changed their self opinions form rest of the climax.

Values of the Movie 100% Love: Sukumar touched a new, refreshing angle in college love and that too between the two college toppers. They are book worms yet they too have a romantic side. Once again screenplay is the magic thread for these kinds of movies. Hari Prasad seems to have worked enough but some how movie becomes feeble in second half. Sukumar’s strong mark was felt for first forty minutes of movie. Once the central point of movie is revealed when Balu moves away from marrying Maha, remaining portion of the film required strong concept and enormous depth in narration to unite the couple back. Here is where Sukku fumbled with pale stuff. Dialogues were funny and apt to the story line. Cinematography by Venkata Prasad is good especially in grabbing Tamanna’s sensible glamour while editing by Karthika Srinivas is also sharp and acute. Music by Devi Sri Prasad was excellent for two songs and background he impressed. Production values of Geetha Arts are also okay.

Performance wise Naga Chaitanya was at ease shouldering the college portion of film. When it comes to emotions, dancing, expressions and main content in second half…clearly his immaturity was visible. Tamanna was cute in both modern and traditional attires. 100% she dominated Chaitu in plenty of scenes and Sukku seems to have concentrated more on Maha character. Among others Anand, KR Vijaya, Vijay Kumar, Naresh, Dharmavarapu, MS Narayana and others are apt.

Out of the Movie 100% Love: If you are a hardcore admirer of Sukumar’s concepts, then you obviously feel pride for first half and bored for second half. Entertaining first half is the life line for 100% Love. Narration was confusing and ordinary in second half. Even main leads couldn’t help Sukku in elevating the principal concept. Tammu and Chaitu were hands up with no adequate strength in their performances in second half thus degrading the final output. Although there are few moments and good filmy climax to relive but second half lacked in regular Sukku style of treatment. ‘Aho Balu’ song is where Sukumar was at his peak. 

Naga Chaitanya dancing to ANR numbers was a good episode but he looks funny. Tamanna might get the acceptance from public with this re-entry into Tollywood. Box Office wise, cool entertainment in ‘100% Love’ might attract youth to theatres in this peak summer season. With no other movies in fray for next few weeks, ‘100% Love’ may make its hold at Box Office for one to two weeks.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie 100% Love: Time pass youthful entertainer worth passing in first division.

                                                                                      Reviewed by Srivaas

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