100 Days of Love Review

100 Days of Love Review
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100 Days of Love Review, What’s Behind: The romantic combination of Dulquer Salman and Nithya Menon shined brightly in ‘Ok Bangaram.’ Betting on the same combo, here comes ‘100 Days of Love’ dubbed from Malayalam to Telugu. Let us see, how good they drowned us in a romantic wave? 

100 Days of Love Story: Set in Bangalore backdrop, Rao Gopala Rao (Dulquer Salman) is working as Feature column writer for The Times aspires to become a political cartoonist inspired by Late RK Laxman. Very early, Rao Gopal Rao falls in love at first sight with Savithri (Nithya Menon) during a rainy evening. However, he misses her by whisker. Here begins Rao Gopala Rao’s search for Savithri with help of his friend Gummadi (Sekhar Menon). After an hour of hunt, they meet again only to re-collect childhood past wherein they belonged to same school. At a time when everything goes as per plan for Rao Gopal Rao to express his love, Savithri reveals a shocker that she is already engaged to Rahul (Rahul Madhav). How and when honesty in love triumphs is rest.

100 Days of Love Artists and Technicians: From story perspective, this is ages old and screenplay isn’t anything extra ordinary to keep us on toes. Still, what makes the film worthwhile is magnetic screen presence of lead artists. Writer, director Jenuse Mohammed showed a maturity in dealing the romantic track with utmost sincerity. Situations are quite familiar, contextual reactions from the love birds are nothing quirky yet Dulquer and Nithya’s chemistry excelled. Writing department appeared lethargic killing the narration pace. Jenuse Mohammed is calm and composed with good control over the proceedings. Pratheesh Varma’s camera work is an invaluable asset for the film. He made very frame a delight for our eyes. Govind Menon’s main musical score in songs is average while Bijibal’s background is an impressive work. Editing from Sandeep Kumar was too blunt and tedious. At any point of time, there is ample scope for the movie to have trimmed to near 2 hours. Production standards from Venkata Rathnam are brilliantly radiating.

About performances, Dulquer Salman is more like a boy-next-door and best at his originality. The way he eases into a contemporary youth character without missing a smile on face connects so well with class audience. He just sets the screen on sparks with an adorable look and portrayal. Nithya Menon is a show stealer. Place her in between hundred of artist groups, she comes out exceptional with right attitude and acting style. Chemistry between Dulquer and Nithya is the only USP which sells. Sekhar Menon’s voice dubbed by Krishnudu was a right choice. Rahul Madhav did his part well. Vineet, Praveena, Aju Varghese and others showed their presence. Rest may not need a big mention.

100 Days of Love Rating Analysis: Ok Bangaram worked great in multiplexes for the only factor of lead pair. Jenuse Mohammed tried to re-create a similar mood and shade for 100 Days of Love which unfortunately fails to attain those standards. Lack of depth in story, average screenplay and shallower treatment makes the precisely mundane. His presentation style is over dragged and very classy. Telugu audience may not accept the newfangled narrative when the main story is moving nowhere. The very backdrop of Bangalore, hero working as writer for newspaper with egoistic bosses and co-employees never brings in strong affinity with nativity. Those hilarious moments conceived and presented with non-identical flavor fails to reach the target audience. 

In fact, the take off is quite dull. Later on the search-on of hero for heroine and their meeting episodes are life-less. Small flashback paralleling with childhood scenes are not much fascinating. Dual role for Dulquer as brothers is a wasted experiment. First half ends on a dreary note due to overtly sober directional skills. 

Thanks Nithya for the second half. Her very presence on the screen to take the romantic proceedings forward in company of Dulquer brings in a new breeze. Moderate intelligence from director and cheerful artist performances blends a value. Towards pre climax though there’s nothing exuberant to project, movie ends on conventional note when hero and heroine win in love moving forward in life. Without few gracing portions in second half, this is a complete sunk.

100 Days of Love is romantically buoyant and light hearted at places, snail paced narration and pointlessly void episodes serve a major drawback in pulling the audience mouth talk. Except Dulquer and Nithya, there’s nothing to feel good about. So, Cinejosh finds it right to rate the film with 2.25 stars. Commercially, the overall result depends more on how urban and youth patrons react.

100 Days of Love Cinejosh Verdict: 155 Minutes of Humdrum.

                                          100 Days of Love Cinejosh Rating: 2.25/5.0

                                                                                          Reviewed by Srivaas

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