Mark Antony Review

The Mark Antony story delves into the clash between two formidable underworld dons vying for dominance, set against the intriguing backdrop of a time-travel concept.

Changure Bangaru Raja Review

"Changure Bangaru Raja" tells the story of Raju (Karthik Ratnam), a hot-headed bike mechanic in a village who unknowingly accumulates enemies due to his short temper.

Ramanna Youth Review

"Ramanna Youth" story revolves around the journey of a young and ambitious individual who draws inspiration from a prominent politician, nurturing aspirations to become a youth leader himself.

Sodara Sodarimanulara Review

Raju is an cab driver who constantly grapples with the challenges of making ends meet. He tirelessly strives to repay the loan he took out to acquire his taxi. Raju's life takes an unexpected turn

Jawan Review

Jawan film starts with a bang introducing Shahrukh Khan as a mysterious man in a remote northeast village. Then it switches to Vikram Rathore / Azad (Shah Rukh Khan)

Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty Review

Miss Shetty(Anvitha Shetty) story is all about a female chef who has a feminist ideology wishes to be single but wants a baby to be her partner. In the process, she approaches a standup comedian

Kushi Review

Kushi's story is all about a young couple who get married against the wishes of their parents and how they overcome the misunderstandings in their married life.

Boys Hostel Review

Boys Hostel story is all about the developments in a Boys Hostel in one night and the consequences those involved in it face.A pop culture comedy flick that revolves around one night in a hostel.

Gandeevadhari Arjuna Review

Gandeevadhari Arjuna story is all about how an Ex RAW agent saves an high risk target from his adversaries. India's Minister for Environment and Forest..

Bedurulanka 2012 Review

Bedurulanka - 2012 story is all about people in the village and how they react when they come to know that doomsday was fast approaching.

Nene Naa Review

Nene Naa story is all about a murder mystery and the twists that follow during the investigation

King of Kotha Review

King of Kotha story is all about a city embroiled in gruesome crimes and what forced a person hailed as King to return from exile and eliminate the gangsters

Prem Kumar Review

Prem Kumar's story is all about a youngster who fails to find a suitable bride and get married and when he finds one, he gets a shock of his life

Mr. Pregnant Review

Mr. Pregnant story is all about a youngster who takes a surprising decision when he comes to know that his wife is pregnant and the consequences he faces after his decision

Jilebi Review

Jilebi's story is all about four college-going friends in a hostel and how their life changes due to a girl.

Ustaad Review

Ustaad's story is all about a hot-blooded young man who overcomes all obstacles and fears and wins over his love and also realizes his passion.

Bholaa Shankar Review

Bholaa Shankar is all about a person who goes all out for his sister and this lands him in trouble and the way he confronts his adversaries and eliminates them.

Jailer Review

Jailer story is about an elderly man who lives happily with his family and how he acts when trouble brews for him and his loved ones.

Dayaa Web Series Review

Dayaa story is about a freezer van driver and the shocking happenings in his life. Dayaa (JD.Chakravarthy) makes his livelihood carrying fish in a freezer van in Kakinada.

LGM Movie Review

LGM story is about a young couple and how their relations get affected by their near and dear ones and how they overcome the obstacles in their journey.

Rajugari Kodipulao Review

Rajugari Kodipulao story is all about three couples going on trekking and experiencing weird and shocking happenings.

Krishna Gadu Ante Oka Range Review

Krishna Gadu Ante Oka Range's story is all about a poor youngster who faces troubles in his family and love life and how he overcomes them

Mistake Review

Mistake story is all about three easygoing friends who share a flat in Jubilee Hills who make a mistake and the consequence they face

Slumdog Husband Review

Slumdog Husband story is about a lower middle-class youngster getting into trouble due to a dog. Lachchi (Sanjay Rao) and Mounika (Pranavi Manukonda) deep in love and unable to control their feelings

BRO Review

BRO story is all about a youngster who always runs after materialistic pleasures ahead of relations and how he deals with it when he faces the hard reality.

Hatya Review

Hatya's story is all about a rookie cop trying to solve the mysterious death of a top model. New recruit Sandhya Mohan Raj is bestowed with the task of solving the mysterious death of the top model

HER-Chapter 1 Review

HER-Chapter 1 story is all about a female police officer who uses her grit, tenacity, and intelligence while trying to solve a double murder case against all odds.

Annapurna Photo Studio Review

Annapurna Photo Studio's story is about a young man and his friends and their experiences in the serene rural atmosphere.

Hidimbha Review

Hidimbha's story is all about missing women and how cops unraveled the mystery which has a historical touch.

Mahaveerudu Review

Mahaveerudu's story is about a youngster from a slum who compromises on everything and how such a common person became the crusader and hailed as Mahaveerudu.

Nayakudu Review

Thimmaraju (Vadivelu), an MLA of a reserved constituency and his son, Raghuveera (Udhayanidhi Stalin) who is a martial arts trainer are from an oppressed community.

Baby Review

Baby story is all about a young girl and the happens in her life eversince she experiences love. Where her love journey leads to interesting developments in her life.

O Saathiya Movie Review

O Saathiya's story is about two youngsters falling in love and what problems they faced and whether they overcame or succumbed to them. Arjun (Arya Gowra) leads a carefree life along with his parents

Bhaag Saale Review

Bhaag Saale is the story of a middle-class youngster who goes to any extent to become rich and how he overcomes the hurdles in his path.

Rudrangi Review

Rudrangi's story is all about how landlords even after independence oppressed the poor and downtrodden in a merciless manner.

7:11 PM Review

7:11 PM story is all about the happenings in a town in the coastal region of Andhra Pradesh and how the protagonist resolved the surprising incidents. Ravi (Saahas), an IPS aspirant works as a mechani

Rangabali Review

Rangabali's story is all about a happy-go-lucky youngster who faces a unique problem when he falls in love with a beautiful girl and how he resolves it.

Circle Review

Why he is facing a life threat and how artist Arundhuti ( Richa Panai), MP's daughter Malvika (Neha Yellareddy), and Rajasthani Princess Himani Rajput (Arshin Mehta)are connected to it,

Narayana & Co Review

Narayana & Co's story is all about a middle-class family that lands in a financial problem and how they try to solve it and what developments they experience in their journey to resolve their problems

Love You Ram Review

Love You Ram story is all about a girl falling in love with a person she likes and adores a lot, only to experience startling happenings.

Maya Petika Review

Maya Petika is the story of a cellphone and what changes it brings to the lives of all who possess it. A brand new smartphone changes hands from one person to another and how the lives

SPY Review

Nikhil Siddhartha's SPY (2023) Movie is all about a RAW agent and how he resolves the mystery behind the Country's missing files and the reason behind it.

Samajavaragamana Review

Samajavaragamana's story is about two youngsters falling in love and how their love story progresses vis a vis their family members.

Asvins Review

Asvins' story is all about the experiences of young YouTubers who are on a Black Tourism project. Youtubers Arjun (Vasanth Ravi), Rithu aka Rithvika (Saras Menon), Varun (Muralidaran Subramanian)

Manu Charitra Review

Manu Charitra's story is about a youngster's life journey and his love stories with various beautiful girls and where this leads to eventually.

Adipurush Review

Adipurush's story is inspired by the Hindu epic Ramayan scripted by sage Valmiki. Raghav aka Ram (Prabhas) goes on 14 years exile to fulfill his father Dasarath's promise. His wife Janaki aka Sita

Shaitan Web Series Review

Shaitan's story is all about revenge drama which assumes political colors. Bali (Rishi) returns from jail and from that time his life takes a drastic turn and he is threatening even the Home Minnister

Vimanam Review

Vimanam's story is all about a young kid's dream of becoming a pilot and how his father fulfilled his wish. Veerayya is a differently abled person who works hard to give good education to his son.

Nenu Student Sir! Review

Nenu Student Sir! story is all about a youngster's obsession with an iPhone and the developments aftermath once he possesses it. Subbu aka Subbarao a college student is fascinated with the iPhone

Ahimsa Review

Ahmisa Story is all about a youngster who believes in nonviolence and how he reacts to a world full of corruption, violence etc when a few shocking incidents happen resulting in his peaceful life

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