Raavana dead body with Sri Lanka Govt?!

Mon 28th Jun 2010 12:12 PM
Raavana dead body with Sri Lanka Govt?!
Raavana dead body with Sri Lanka Govt?!

This might be a little shocking statement. One of the programs telecasted by a Sri Lankan channel (and also a Indian channel) based on historical proofs available with Sri Lankan Government prove that Raavana was a part of their society and he ruled a kingdom which was more than what actual Sri Lanka is today.

This would be an eye opening finding for all those who believe that ‘Ramayana’ is a myth. No, it is not so, ‘Ramayana’ written by Valmiki and Tulsi Das ‘Ram Charitha Manas’ are real stories which exactly depict the society which Lord Rama and Raavana ruled. A program telecasted by these channels prove these points:

1. Raavana’s Coffin Available - Either Valmiki or Tulsi Das haven’t mentioned about the last rites performed to Raavana after his death in the hands of Rama. Now, Sri Lanka Government has come with a substantial proof that coffin consisting of the dead body of Raavana was hidden in a small cave named as ‘Raavana Cave’ and some of the tribals in Nuwara Eliya (Noroliya) hills are conserving it. Every time Sri Lankan Government sent special armed forces to this inaccessible hill in dense forest, there was a natural disaster. Still, Lanka Government are on its perfect plan to bring the coffin which has been seen by few of the army people.

2. Five ancient airports found - Nearly 9 hours drive from Colombo into a dense forest and a day of journey from there on will land the team of archaelogists on a hill of altitude 8000 feet where in a table top of 18 Kms is found with evidences of 5 Airports. Raavana had an air fleet of atleast 5 aeroplanes which they called as ‘Pushpaka Vimana.’ An ancient rock cut sculpture of ‘Big Bird (Eagle) flying with its wings opened’ found on this hill serves as proof that Raavana used aeroplanes.

3. When Raavana had kidnapped Sita and was returning to Lanka by his plane, he had given some tablets to her so that she doesn’t experience physical strain, which were thrown by her in fit of rage. These tablets are known as ‘Sita goli’ and are being tested in Japan to have medicinal values.

4. A painting of Vibheeshana’s photo which survived centuries will still be available in Sri Lankan parliament.         

Many might be knowing this Sri Lankan ancient history and modern findings. For all those who are thrilled to read this, we are happy to present before them these bare facts about existence of Rama, Raavana and happening of Ramayana.