Corona Patients In Corridor: TelanganaCovidFailure Trending

Sat 04th Jul 2020 01:29 PM

Covid 19 Patients Were Left In Corridor At Gandhi Hospital

TelanganaCovidFailure Trending
TelanganaCovidFailure Trending

Right now, social media is raging over the way the Coronavirus has been handled in the state, especially in Hyderabad. #TelanganaCovidFailure is trending top nationwide, exposing the utter failure of the state government.

The government of Telangana had not conducted enough tests from the very beginning, which is one of the main reasons for the virus to be spreading at such a rapid rate right now.


Many videos showing the plight of Covid 19 patients in state-run hospitals went vial in social media. Freshly, a video that is making rounds in social media shows two Corona patients were left in the corridor and nobody is taking care of them. A staff working in the hospital is seen at the lift in the corridor, but he left the place showing his inhumanity.

The Government keeps on lying about the actual numbers and resorts to under reporting of actual cases. According to official figures total Covid deaths on 2nd July is 8 deaths. But Gandhi hospital alone registered 15 Covid deaths on 2nd July.

Netizens also question why TRS MLAs and leaders are being treated in private hospitals, if there are enough facilities in government hospital. They are also recalling KCR’s previous statement of ‘every Corona patient will be treated in Gandhi Hospital and there’s no alternative.’