When NTR Lent Full Support For PV To Retain PM Post

Wed 01st Jul 2020 01:33 PM

NTR Dd Not Field Candidate To Contest Opposite PV Narasimha Rao In 1991

PV Narasimha Rao NTR
PV Narasimha Rao NTR

Pv Narasimha Rao very nearly retired from politics in 1991. It was the assassination of the Congress President Rajiv Gandhi that persuaded him to make a comeback. As the Congress had won the largest number of seats in the 1991 elections, he had an opportunity to head the minority government as Prime Minister. He was the first person outside the Nehru-Gandhi family to serve as Prime Minister for five continuous years.

Since Pv Narasimha Rao had not contested the general elections, he then participated in a by-election in Nandyal to join the parliament. Although there’s huge rivalry between Congress and TDP then, lending his full support to the Telugu person to retain the Prime Minister post, NTR did not field candidate in the by-election. It is a rare occurrence in politics.


Rao won from Nandyal with a victory margin of a record 5 lakh (500,000) votes and his win was recorded in the Guinness Book Of World Records.