Vamsi laughs at Vijayawada Top Cop's Sexual SMS

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Vamsi laughs at Vijayawada Top Cop's Sexual SMS
Vamsi laughs at Vijayawada Top Cop's Sexual SMS

Highlight of the news section in entire day is Vijayawada City Police Commissioner P. Seetha Ramanjaneyulu’s weakness for women and sex. PSR has been caught on his call log and SMS log where in his conversations with local women were filled with adult content. 

Here are few of the numbers and SMS messages sent by this sex maniac:

Phone Numbers: 9705329777 (CT Cardiac Centre), 9985448984 (Kalpana),  


1. Message to a local doctor says ‘Now we have become close friends and we can talk on any subject, including sex.
2. Let us put an end to this SMS business. When can I call you? What are your interests? We will move rather socially.
3. When you come next time, wear blue color sari and leave your hair loose.
4. Just can call me Anjan. How can I address you? I want your friendship. 
5. Do you take alcohol? What do you like? Whisky, Vodka or Cocktail?

When caught by media, PSR admitted that he made calls to all these women for indecent proposals only because he knew that, all these women were working under the guidance of Vallabhaneni Vamsi as it was a game plan  to trap him and transfer him for controlling the rowdies in Vijaywada. Hearing this Vamsi is known to have laughed loudly at this sex torn City Police Commissioner.