CM orders inquiry on Sex Maniac Top Cop

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CM orders inquiry on Sex Maniac Top Cop
CM orders inquiry on Sex Maniac Top Cop


Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy on Wednesday directed Director General of Police K Aravinda Rao to order an enquiry into the allegations levelled against the Vijayawada Police Commissioner Seetharamanjaneyulu that he has sent vulgar and objectionable SMSs to some women. Reacting to reports aired on a private TV channel about the conduct of the Police Commissioner, the Chief Minister said that appropriate disciplinary action would be taken against the guilty on receipt of the enquiry report. 

Following the directions of Chief Minister, DGP Aravinda Rao said a comprehensive inquiry would be ordered into the allegations against Seetharamjaneyulu and action would be taken based on the probe report.  A TV channel had broadcast a report alleging that Mr Sitaramanjaneyulu had sent obscene messages from the mobile phone given by the government. The report said that he has made hundreds of calls to women and sent SMS messages with obscene comments.

Giving a description of the alleged SMSs, the television channel had stated that Mr Sitaramanjaneyulu had even directed his ‘victim’ to wear particular clothes at a particular time. The report charged that he had sent an SMS to a woman stating that she would look beautiful if she wore a particular saree and if she did not tie her hair.

In another message Mr Sitaramanjaneyulu is alleged to have questioned another woman why she could not move closely with him. In yet another message, the Vijayawada police chief is alleged to have asked the victim to keep their relationship a secret as he (Commissioner) had several enemies.

The news channel said that it has evidence to prove that the Commissioner made hundreds of calls to the daughter of an industrialist, apart from a doctor. The channel also claimed that Mr Sitaramanjaneyulu has admitted to having sent the messages.

Meanwhile, in his defence, Mr Sitaramanjaneyulu alleged that some political forces, particularly TDP Vijayawada chief Vallabhaneni Vamsi of launching a conspiracy against him. He also claimed that he was innocent and was ready to face any inquiry.