Taste of Prabhas

Fri 09th Oct 2009 09:26 AM
Taste of Prabhas
Taste of Prabhas

How was your film career? It looks you are facing several ebbs and tides? Isn’t it?

Of course, yes. For any debutant hero, there will be hiccups and I am not an exception to it.


It looks most of your films had mother sentiment and at the same time you are preferring to do action movies?

Though your contention is true, it was just a coincidence and unintentional. When you are talking about mother sentiment, I have no option but to say that all my previous four films had mother sentiment. When it comes to action subjects, I have a point to mention. Whenever I tried to come out of the action image and try my hand in other subjects, they are turning out to be failures. For instance, ‘Chakram and Pournami’ films have less action backdrop. Now that I realised that the audiences are expecting action films from me and the success of ‘Varsham and Chatrapati’ proved it.

What aspects you look into while accepting an offer and what are your plans for your future movies?

I always look for variety. There should be some variation and my films should not be stereotype and there should be some difference. Regarding future plans, I am trying to test my hand in films with lots of commercial elements and at the same time it should have as much as entertainment value.

What is your favorite film in Telugu? Which kind of films do you like most?

I don’t have any special interest in a particular kind of films. I watch all the films with equal interest. However, my all-time favourite is ‘Geetanjali.’ Personally, I like films with sentiment in its backdrop.

Which film did you like most in your movies?

I like ‘Chatrapati’ among all the films in my career. Next comes ‘Pournami’. I also feel that ‘Yogi’ is another good film in my career. However, ‘Pournami and Yogi’ fail to ring the Box Office on expected lines. Though ‘Varsham’ was a big hit in the beginning of my career, I feel that I could have done better with a little more homework. Though I faced some hiccups during the ‘Chatrapati’ shooting, that film gave me an immense satisfaction as an artist.

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