Fans suspect Kriti Sanon got a nose job

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Did Kriti Sanon undergo nose job

Comments pouring on Kriti Sanon Nose Job
Comments pouring on Kriti Sanon Nose Job

Did Kriti Sanon undergo a nose job? Fans are suspecting Kriti Sanon of having a nose job after observing her old photos and latest snaps. But fans are loving her latest snaps and are praising her for the transformation.

Fans reacted to her latest snaps in the following manner.


"In her initial closeup ad she had flaring nostrils, I think her surgery was primarily for it,"

"Definitely, but the work she has done is very subtle and well done. It's like you look at her, and have hard time to pinpoint exactly what changed but the change is obvious at the same time."

"Well in her case, it has served her well as the nose job has only enhanced her beauty. Which is the main point of getting plastic surgery."

"Width of the nose seems sleeker than before. Very well done, minute work."

"Looks like weight loss and contouring to me."

"I don’t think she had a nose job, the nose looks too similar to the original. People forget what wonders lighting and contour can do. I think it’s pretty obvious that there’s a major lighting difference in the pictures thats it,"

Kriti Sanon is starring in Tiger Shroff's Ganpath and Prabhas' Adi Purush.