Is there any conspiracy against NTR?

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Conspiracy to crush Young Tiger

conspiracy against NTR?
Conspiracy against NTR?

Conspiracy against Ntr. Shocking rumors are spreading that there is a conspiracy to crush Young Tiger Ntr. It is known that Ntr attained immense stardom across the globe following the sensation of Rajamoul's magnum opus RRR. The film drove westerners crazy and almost all the people spoke highly of Young Tiger Ntr. Many even predicted Oscars for the best actor award to Ntr.

Though the film failed to make it to the best film and best actors categories, the film's song Naatu Naatu won the Oscars. Wherever Ntr went, he was mobbed by the crowd. But everything changed when Ntr couldn't join the team for the promotions ahead of the Oscars.


Everyone started seeing him as a side character rather than the actor who played another lead role in the film. When a few international reporters spoke of Ntr as a side character, he faced severe trolling. Many wondered why Ntr got sidelined after his name went viral for the best actor award before the Oscars.

Sources say a few influential families and those who don't like the Nandamuri family in the film industry conspired together to crush Ntr and in the process started highlighting and singing praises of Ram Charan. Apart from it, while Ram Charan through his PR has been active on all fronts across the couNtry and the world and lineup interesting projects, Ntr stayed away from it and acted as if only his acting talent speaks.

Ntr fans are saying that Ntr should be proactive rather than subdued as otherwise he will lose all the stardom he attained with his performance in RRR.