Nagarjuna trying a comedy track

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Nagarjuna turning hilarious from serious.?

Nagarjuna is planning to make an entertaining movie
Nagarjuna is planning to make an entertaining movie

Nagarjuna is known for doing different genre of entertainers. However, of late he is seen in action entertainers like Officer, The Ghost, and The Wild Dog. Both the films bombed at the box office and in between even the romantic track Manmadhudu 2, the sequel to his classic Manmadhudu turned out to be a disaster. Apart from the results of these films, Nagarjuna is trolled on social media even by his fans for the selection of the scripts.

Under these circumstances, reports are coming that Nagarjuna is planning to try a comedy track and totally undergo a  changeover from serious to hilarious. Earlier rumors spread that Nagarjuna would be teaming with Mohan Raja of Thani Oruvan fame but seeing the Godfather result, he decided against it. He is planning a masala comedy entertainer and discussed the same with Prasanna Kumar Bezawada after knowing that, he wrote a mass masala comedy for Raviteja's upcoming film Dhamaka.


But Prasanna Kumar Bezawada is dreaming of turning director and Nagarjuna is not keen to take charges with debutantes. Nagarjuna put conditions that he needs a top director and Prasanna Kumar is in a dilemma. In the meantime, reports are also coming that Nagarjuna is planning to remake a Malayalam film Porinju Mariam Jose which was released in 2019. The film is an emotional action thriller between three friends.

Sources say Nagarjuna is keen to rope in Allari Naresh for one role and planning to rope in another young star. It has to be seen how Nagarjuna take off his career from here.

Nagarjuna trying a comedy track - CineJosh Updated on Thu 24th Nov 2022 02:32 PM IST
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