Bengali beauty exposes Nagarjuna

Mon 20th Sep 2021 10:49 PM IST

Darshana Banik shares Nagarjuna's secrets

Darshana Banik about Nagarjuna
Darshana Banik about Nagarjuna
King Nagarjuna is known for his handsome looks and charming personality. Even at this age, he floors all with his looks giving tough competition to the younger lot.
Nagarjuna is currently starring in The Ghost and Bangarraju. In Bangarraju, a sequel for Soggade Chinni Nayana, Nagarjuna is romancing Ramya Krishna and the film also has young actresses Darshana Banik, Akshata Sonawane in important roles.
Darshana who started shooting for her role in the film raved about King Nagarjuna. She said when she got a call from the makers, she was excited as it was Nagarjuna's film. She said she never expected that she will get a chance to star in Nagarjuna's film so early in her career.
She is playing the role of an apsara in the film and speaking about Nagarjuna, she said he is very chilled on the sets and she should learn that from him. She says Nagarjuna is a foodie and he likes Hilsa fish, a Bengali food. 

Bengali beauty exposes Nagarjuna - CineJosh Updated on Mon 20th Sep 2021 10:49 PM IST
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