RGV kisses heroine’s thigh

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RGV kisses Sonia Naresh thigh


There is no other film director in the country who can show a heroine in a more explicit manner and different angles than Ram Gopal Varma. He adores every heroine that he works with and praises them to the sky like no other.

Bengali beauty Naina Ganguly has been RGV’s fort heroine and he made a good number of films irrespective of the result. Now RGV’s new find is Apsara Rani and he went on to make a sultry lesbian film on both Naina and Apsara.

But that’s not all. In a social media post, RGV is seen biting the thigh of a heroine and she is Sonia Naresh. “This pic of ME and the THIGH of https://instagram.com/sonia_naresh?utm_medium=copy_link  has been taken by https://instagram.com/nainaganguly?utm_medium=copy_link. Hey @NainaGtweets apart from being a talented actress u also have a talent in photography,” tweeted RGV.

This picture is going viral on social media.

RGV kisses heroine’s thigh - CineJosh Updated on Sat 05th Jun 2021 06:52 PM IST
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