Modi's Supporters Retort to All Allegations

Fri 14th May 2021 08:06 AM

Narendra Modi's Supporters Retort to All Allegations

Modi's Supporters Retort to All Allegations
Modi's Supporters Retort to All Allegations

For the past few days, China supporters such as CPI, CPM, Mamatha and Pakistan supporters like Pappu, Mamatha, Telugu casteist media and some anti national media houses have been slinging mud on the PM Narendra Modi with various allegations. Incidentally, Modi's supporters have come up with fitting retorts to all those allegations. Checkout the following criticisms and the retort of Modi's loyalists.

* SCIENTISTS WARNED ABOUT 2ND WAVE OF CORONA, BUT MODI IGNORED: Modi chaired a crucial meeting with all the CMs and lieutenant governors on March 17 to warn on second wave. Mamatha skipped this meeting. Later, reminders were sent to the states 15 times but many state CMs ignored it. 


* INDIA HAS MORE COVID CASES: India's population is more than entire European countries/America. If the total population and percentages are considered as criteria, India stands at 110th place in COVID cases.

* KUMBH MELA AND MODI'S RALLY REASON FOR 2ND WAVE: Fake agitation by farmers, Maharashtra government's negligence, communist rallies in Kerala and Bengal are responsible for the second wave. Modi conducted just 12 rallies. By the way, not even a single Sadhu, who attended Kumbh Mela, died of corona.

* VACCINES EXPORTED TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES UNNECESSARILY: It's purely based on an international agreement 'GAVI'. It's mandatory and should not be broken. As the raw materials supplied by some nations, just 7 crores of Covishield were exported to other countries. Not even a single dose of covaxin has been exported to other countries.

* NO FREE VACCINATION TO THE POOR: The union government buys 50% of the total quantity of vaccine and distributtes to all BJP and non-BJP ruled states. 

* VACCINE PRICES VARIES FROM CENTRE TO STATE GOVERNMENTS: The centre has left the states to decide the prices of the vaccines. The centre has no involvement in it. 

* DEATHS AND POSITIVE CASES ARE SHOWN WITH REDUCED NUMBERS: The centre discloses the daily data sent by respective states only. Both the BJP and the non-BJP ruled states are included in it. 

* WHY CENTRAL VISTA'S FUNDS NOT ALLOCATED TO COVID CURE?: Central Vista is a long time project valued to 20K crore. A sum of just Rs.1000 crores would be incurred on this project for this financial year. On the contrary, the union government allocated 2 lakh crores to the health department, this year. If Sonia & Company have that affection on the people, they could have converted hundreds of tombs (ghats of political leaders) into housing projects which are valued to lakhs of crores.In reality, Central Vista project makes Sonia and Company's buildings evacuated which can save thousands of crores monthly income. Meanwhile, lakhs of people will be employed with the Centra Vista project.

* VACCINATION IS A LONG TIME PROCESS: Covaxin production technology is transferred to a few other companies. A bulk production of vaccine has been kickstarted. Around 270 crore vaccine doses will be produced by the end of this year. 

* LEARN FROM NEW ZEALAND, THE COUNTRY HAS NO COVID CASES: Did you know the population of New Zealand? It's less than 55 lakhs. In turn, it's less than any metropolitan city's population of India. One can do wonders with this quite low population.