Buying YT Records? Doubts on These Films?

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Buying YT Records? Suspicions on These Films?

Buying YT Records? Doubts on These Films?
Buying YT Records? Doubts on These Films?

There are many heroes in Tollywood but only a limited number of heroes have box office potentiality to set records. On the contrary, any hero can create records on Youtube. Using Youtube paid promotions option, any filmmaker can get his film's teaser or trailer promoted effectively  which would lead to some hype generated on the film. 

HOW TO BUY Youtube VIEWS?: Did you know? Youtube views can be bought by every Tom, Dick and Harry. Following steps should be followed by the filmmakers to buy YT views. 


*  Create a Youtube channel or select an existing top Youtube channel.

* Upload a video footage.

* Click on to Youtube Studio.

* Select 'Videos'.

* Click the three dots icon and then select 'promote' which paves way for another page.

* Click 'Get Started'.

* And then, Google Ads page gets opened. Fill all the columns appropriately as shown on the page.

* Pressing 'Continue' button leads to another page.

* Fill particulars and go to another page.

* Here you will get the highly awaited section. If you enter Rs.100 per day, your video will get an average of 3.7K to 8K impressions while an estimated number of 1.4K to 3K views are generated.

* And now, producers and PRs can drop as much as they can to create new records for their films on Youtube

HOW TO BUY YT LIKES AND COMMENTS?: The film's producer or hero's PR should take an initiative to buy YT likes and comments. A team of techies should be appointed to to post numerous comments and 'Likes'. They must be paid a handsome reward for doing this job.

SUSPICIONS ON THESE FILMS RECORDS ON YT?: It seems a special PR team is working effectively for one hero to a Pan India's biggest multi-starrer starred by two top Tollywood heroes. Whenever a teaser or a poster of this film is released, the team starts discharging its duties. In the comments box, we can see mostly the word, 'Jai N**'. Also, when the teaser of a hero was released, strangely, another hero's voice was promoted in the comments box just to make sure the attention of the North Indians on that hero. However, as another protagonist of the film shows no interest in these kinds of promotions, no spam comments are seen in favour of him. Meanwhile, the teaser of an upcoming film got 'AKHANDA Vijayam' lately. Unlike the hero's previous film teasers, this teaser is creating unbelievable records on YT. As of now, the teaser has crossed 21M views. Some observers feel the producer might have been asked to get the teaser promoted effectively on YT. As such, the teaser might have recorded astronomical views with good investments are poured down on YT by the producer.

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