Check 2 Days Collections, Huge Drop

Sun 28th Feb 2021 12:20 PM

Nithiin Check 2 Days Collections Shares

Nithiin Check
Nithiin Check

Nithiin’s action thriller Check witnessed huge drop on day two due to negative response from critics and audience alike. The film for 2 days has collected a share of Rs 4.98 Cr in AP and TS. It is going to be another dud for director Chandrasekhar Yeleti. Here is break-up list:

AREA                                   SHARE (IN CRORES)


--------------------                ----------------------------------------

NIZAM                                        2.20

CEDED                                        0.65

NELLORE                                    0.14

KRISHNA                                     0.31

GUNTUR                                      0.69

VIZAG                                          0.60

EAST GODAVARI                         0.22

WEST GODAVARI                        0.17

TOTAL AP & TS SHARE             4.98