Bigg Boss 4: Viewers Lose Trust Over Voting System!

Sat 17th Oct 2020 11:41 PM

Kumar Sai To Get Eliminated From Bigg Boss 4

Bigg Boss 4
Bigg Boss 4

Bigg Boss 4 organizers for the first time set aside a rule to save the most glamorous contestant of the show. Monal Gajjar who was in nominations got lesser votes compared to others. However, the organizers who don’t want to send another female contestant eliminate Kumar Sai who got second least votes.

Kumar Sai has been in nominations almost every week, ever since he entered the house. Fortunately, he could escape safely. But, not this time, though he is said to have got more votes than Monal Gajjar.


Kumar Sai looked very confusing in the beginning. But, he changed his strategy after Nagarjuna cautioned him to be active in the house. He is actively taking part in all the tasks and is bravely expressing his views. He even became captain once.

On the other hand, Monal Gajjar is one of the moodiest contestants in the house who most of the times is seen weeping and doing sympathy gaining activity. Her triangular love story with Akhil and Abijeet is attracting viewers. Apparently, the organizers feel eliminating Monal will have negative impact on the show. Moreover, the show will lose its glamor.

All in all, Kumar Sai needs to walk out from the house and the episode will be telecasted today. It is known that, weekend episodes will be shot in Saturday itself, though it will be aired in two days.

They usually implement other strategies if they want to eliminate any contestant. But, this time, they went against their rule. There are also doubts over Abijeet getting pooled record votes every week.

Coming to Kumar Sai’s elimination, viewers will lose trust over the voting system with this gesture.