Pawan’s Daughter Always In The Same Mood

Wed 16th Sep 2020 04:40 PM

Renu Desai About Aadhya

Pawan Kalyan Daughter Aadhya
Pawan Kalyan Daughter Aadhya

Renu Desai, former wife of Power Star Pawan Kalyan, is always busy on social media. So, fans of Pawan Kalyan also love to know about her bonding with the star and also more secrets about their children Akira Nandan and Aadhya.

Renu Desai sharing the details of her daughter Aadhya said she is always in the same mood watching various films on Netflix. Aadhya’s pensive and thoughtful mood in the picture which Renu Desai shared is going viral on social media. Due to lockdown, children are having a lot of free time due to closure of educational institutions.


Renu Desai in the meantime recently met folk singer Goreti Venkanna at his farm house. It is known that Renu Desai is coming up with a program to highlight the woes of the farmers. Renu sharing her experience said she is bowled by the love and warmth of Goreti’s couple. In the video while Goreti was seen singing folk songs, Renu Desai was seen feeding cows.