Are OTTs Boon Or Bane For Them?

Wed 16th Sep 2020 09:47 AM

OTTs Negative Effect On Small Films


The closure of theaters for more than six months across the country following the deadly corona virus pandemic, popularity of Otts increased tremendously as people started looking for alternate source of entertainment. In the meantime, with no clarity on the opening of theatres, filmmakers too are contemplating to release their films on Otts.

Under these circumstances, people are left wondering whether Otts are a boon or bane. Many are of the opinion that Otts came as a boon for the small filmmakers. However others say in future if this trend continues it will become a bane for the small films.


It is known that small films often face trouble in finding theatres to release their projects. However, there are many which overcame these obstacles and created a sensation releasing in theatres. Actors in the industry who came without any background and attained stardom got recognition through small films.

But if small films release on Otts, viewers will get used to them and people may get the impression that small films are meant for Ott release. This in turn may reduce the occupancy of theatres for small films. Analysts feel that if this trend continues, in future small films and their filmmakers should forget about theatrical releases.