Lack Of Stories: Heights Of Stupidity!

Tue 15th Sep 2020 02:26 PM

Tollywood Should Focus On Telugu Novels


Filmmakers of Tollywood often complain that they are not having any interesting stories and that is the reason most of the films have similar storylines or they are forced to remake the hits in other languages. But many feel that filmmakers are coming up with the lame excuse and  they are lazy enough to strain their brains in the quest for creativity and instead settling for readymade stories watching foreign films, other language films for inspiration.

Telugu literature has numerous stories much more than other languages. There are over 1.50 lakh stories and all of them are suitable to turn into films on screen. If makers concentrate on them and come up with original stuff, then Tollywood will get good recognition at the national and international level.


In the olden days, makers turned novels into successful films like Abhilasha, Sitara, Chantabbayi, Prem Nagar, Dr Chakravarthy, Jeevana Tarangalu, Secretary, Balipeetham etc. In between the relation between novels and films got snapped and once or twice directors like Trivikram Srinivas drew inspiration to come up with films like A Aa from Meena.

Due to the corona pandemic, demand for novels started increasing. This is seen mostly in Hindi, Bengali, and Malayalam film industries. Tamil hit Asuran is inspired by a hit novel. Venkatesh is remaking the film as Naarappa. Karuna Kumar recently came up with Metro Kathalu web series based on Kadeer Babu’s novel with same title.

AK entertainments is turning Madhu Babu’s popular novel Shadow into a web series. Chalam’s Maidanam is also turning into a film. Top directors like Indraganti Mohana Krishna are showing interest in filming novels into films and he acquired the rights of Bandi Narayana Swamy’s novel Sapta Bhumi. Vaishnav Tej, Rakul Preet Singh’s new film with Krish is based on the novel Konda Polam.