Hey Kiddos, Nobody Can Boycott RRR!

Thu 13th Aug 2020 05:37 PM

No Alia Bhatt Effect On Rajamouli’s RRR


The topic of Nepotism does not only exist in Bollywood industry only, it is actually omnipresent in each and every sphere of work life. But, Bollywood has been affected by this concept of Nepotism more than any other industry and probably is having more a negative impact than positive in the life of Bollywood.

Nepotism in Bollywood is not a new phenomenon. But for years this topic has not been given much a discussion. It only became a hot topic of debate recently after the demise of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput by suicide.


Sushant Singh Rajput fans and few others have started a campaign targeting star kids in social media. Alia Bhatt’s latest film Sadak 2 trailer became most disliked trailer in the world. They ask movie buffs to boycott films of Alia Bhatt and few other star kids.

In the meantime, some kiddos speculated that, RRR will also face the boycott heat. They are advised to take a chill pill and relax, because nothing of sort is going to happen.

Alia Bhatt plays a brief role in the film which features two superstars NTR and Ram Charan in lead roles. Ajay Devgn, Samuthirakani and few others from different industries are also part of the project.

When the film stars these many popular stars and directed by India’s top directors, who is going to think about Alia Bhatt. Entire nation is waiting eagerly for the film’s release and when it is ready for release there will be no topic of Nepotism then.

RRR shoot is expected to resume from October. The film may hit the screens either in summer or in other season in 2021.