Miscreants Gatecrash and Warn Mohan Babu

Sun 02nd Aug 2020 08:46 AM

Miscreants Warn Mohan Babu

Miscreants Gatecrash and Warn Mohan Babu
Miscreants Gatecrash and Warn Mohan Babu

In an embarrassing development, some miscreants trespassed into senior actor and educationist Mohan Babu's house and warned him with threatening words. The watchman was not that alert when their Toyota car bearing the number AP 31 AN 0004 barged into Mohan Babu's house. 

Having shouted, 'We won't leave you', the miscreants were out of the spot. All this happened at a wink of an eye. 


Panic-stricken members of Mohan Babu's family rushed to Pahadishareef Police Station and lodged a complaint on the incident. The police, who booked the case, are investing the case on various angles. 

As Mohan Babu's name is connected with multiple fields like cinema, educational institutions and politics, there could be some chances he has rivals. The Hyderabad police are expected to crack the case soon.

Update: The police arrested four miscreants in the case. Details are awaited.