Vote for YSRCP in 2024 to Save Vizag Capital!

Sat 01st Aug 2020 05:12 PM

People Should Vote for YSRCP in 2024 to Save Vizag Capital?

Vote for YSRCP in 2024 to Save Vizag Capital!
Vote for YSRCP in 2024 to Save Vizag Capital!

It's a historical moment for the people of Andhra Pradesh. The AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's earth-shattering decision has come into reality and the people are celebrating the occasion heartily. 

Ever since the bifurcation of united AP, the people of residual state have been dreaming about a world class city like Bombay or Chennai. As Vizag being preferred an executive capital,. we may witness another Bombay or Chennai in not very long wait. 


De facto, the AP CM selflessly chose Vizag as one of the capitals or else, he could have opted for Kadapa which belongs to the district he fails from.

Sadly, opposition TDP has been bitterly trying to retain casteist land Amaravati the capital of AP to benefit caste based industrialists and millionaires who purchased thousands of acres of lands there. And now, TDP seeks the help of a 'dark dress' group to ensure Amaravati remains to be the capital. 

On the other hand, Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan is supporting the TDP wholeheartedly on Amaravati capital issue. Yesterday, he released a letter in which he made 'chilipi vimarsalu' on TDP and serious accusations on YSRCP. Moreover, it was alleged that he posted the letter as he was scared by CBN channel's anchor Venky Krishna who forced Pawan Kalyan for a couple of hours to get his stand disclosed in the capital.

"In this context, it appears, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is the 'Okka Magadu' (one and only man) who can save and convert Vizag the capital of AP. To make sure Vizag to be the world's top class city in next 5 to 10 years, AP people need to cast their votes again to the YSRCP in 2024 as well," opines an analyst.