Young Heroes Encouraging Meme Trolls

Sat 01st Aug 2020 03:20 PM

Heroes Paying For Memes, Trolls On Social Media

Memes Trolls
Memes Trolls

Social Media power increased a lot over the last decade. Everyone started using Social Media and celebrities are no exception. Of late memes are the latest trend. Memes proved that one need not write a lengthy story to convey the meaning. Instead a one photo with a comment will convey a powerful message. 

Now celebrities are following the same trend to reach their fans, movie lovers and entertain them. They are using memes to promote, increase their popularity and what is surprising is heroes are giving parties to those who are creating memes on them. Some of the upcoming heroes are even giving money to create meme pages on them.


They are paying them handsomely and asking people to create memes, troll them and then posing as if they are condemning them. The underwear meme on a young hero is increasing this suspicion.  It is coming out that few heroes are paying a whopping Rs 40k to 1 lakh for this meme publicity. The same are coming out and issue statements like ‘kill fake news’.