CBN Channel's Venky Threatens Pawan! Pawan Ambiguous Letter

Sat 01st Aug 2020 06:58 AM

CBN Channel's Venky Threatens Pawan! Pawan's Perplexing Letter

CBN Channel's Venky Threans Pawan! Pawan Ambiguous Letter
CBN Channel's Venky Threans Pawan! Pawan Ambiguous Letter

The stand of YSRCP and the TDP on 3 capitals row is crystal clear. Now that the YCP government, itself, got the three capitals bill resolved and got it okayed by the state's governor, YCP stands at the decentralization of the development. 

In a mere contrast, TDP confines itself to the single capital Amaravati. It's said that thousands of acres of land purchased by the TDP leaders of particular caste are now scared of the depreciation of the market value of their lands drastically. 


On the other hand, caste biased TDP media heads and their staff have also held huge stakes at Amaravati. A channel named CBN Chandrajyothi (name changed slightly) is known for its caste bias. The channel's head RK has been benefited Rs.700 crore during the TDP's regime. 

In the meanwhile, the channel's anchor Venky Krishna (name changed a little) started a debate at 4 pm on 3 capitals bill and continued it till 11 pm in the night. His prime target was to make Pawan Kalyan oppose the governor's clearance of 3 capitals bill. Eventually, he forced every participant to speak against Pawan Kalyan for his stoic silence on the issue. Some politicians like Sabbam Hari acted dramatically as if they aimed at Oscar award. 

By and large, Venky Krishna tried to threaten Pawan Kalyan to his best. By the way, Venky also has huge stakes at Amaravati. 

Finally, Pawan Kalyan responded late in the night. However, the letter released by Janasena is perplexing. It satisfied neither TDP nor YCP. Of course, even Jana Sainiks also couldn't understand their leader's perspective on capitals row. 

Pawan Kalyan opined there is no urgency to establish three capitals at this pandemic crisis. "The government should prefer saving the lives of people to form three capitals,"  Pawan Kalyan said. 

However, Pawan Kalyan didn't oppose the passing of 3 capitals bill by the governor this irked Venky Krishna to the core. On the other hand, the irritating heading of the letter has made YCP activists annoyed.