I Never Took Acting Seriously

Tue 07th Jul 2020 12:05 PM

Nithya Menon Not Interested In Acting

Nithya Menon
Nithya Menon

Nithya Menon ever since her debut in Tollywood with Ala Modalaindi started doing films in a selective manner. Meanwhile, Nithya surprised all saying she was not at all interested in becoming an actor.

She said, “I never aspired to become an actor”. When asked about the challenges she faced once she decided to enter films and how many auditions she failed, she said, “Actually this question is irrelevant to me. Right from the start, I was interested in studies. I planned to do masters, complete Ph.D., fly to foreign and do a good job. I never thought of becoming an actor. But one cannot change destiny".

Nithya continued, “Though I did not show interest, the film industry called me. Even without my attempts, offers started coming to me. So I did not get a chance to participate in auditions. I did not face even the prospect of rejection. I used to do the stories which appealed to my heart or used to refuse them. Till four years ago, I never took acting seriously. Now I changed my thinking process. I started concentrating seriously on acting".

Nithya Menon is making her OTT debut with Amazon original Breathe: Into The Shadows co-starring Abhishek Bachchan.