Senior Heroine Tests COVID Positive, But She Is Brave

Tue 07th Jul 2020 07:02 AM

Sumalatha Tests COVID Positive

Sumalatha Tests COVID Positive
Sumalatha Tests COVID Positive

What is hoped from COVID patients is that their attitude. If at all, they are confident and brave, They will come out of the dreaded disease for sure. 

Veteran heroine and MP Sumalatha stands an inspiration for this view. Soon after recognizing the sympoms of coronavirus, Sumalatha underwent COVID test. And the result is positive. Yet, she is confident of her immunity levels and declared a war against the virus.


"Dear friends, I had developed mild symptoms of headache and throat irritation on Saturday, July 4. I decided to get tested as I might have been exposed to COVID-19 during the course of my constituency duties and tours.

The results have arrived today. It is positive with very mild symptoms and I have been advised home treatment. 

Hence, I have quarantined myself and going through the prescribed treatment as per my doctor’s instructions.

By the grace of God ,My immunity levels are strong and I am confident that I will get through this soon with all your support. I have provided details of the persons who I might have come into contact with to Govt Authorities.

But I would still urge those who have come in contact with me, if you have any symptoms, to get tested immediately. Let's win the war against #Covid 🙏🙏🙏," Sumalatha tweeted.