YS Jagan Vs Teachers in AP!

Mon 06th Jul 2020 08:21 PM

YS Jagan Irking Teachers to the Core!

YS Jagan Vs Teachers in AP!
YS Jagan Vs Teachers in AP!

Teachers are said to be highly influential personalities in the process of electioneering. Political parties may spend to any extent and may campaign for victory to any sort of level, but then, ultimately, teachers are deciding factors for their fate apart from the voters. 

What actually happens inside the polling booth is known to only teachers and not even to the polling agents. Right now, 1.76 lakh government teachers are working in AP state and a total of 8 lakh family members depend on them. Further, teacher families have 5 lakh voters while the teachers can influence a total 25 lakh voters in the least case. 


It seems AP CM Ys Jagan Mohan Reddy reminds us of a Telugu idiom, "KORIVITHO THALA GOKKOVADAM". 

Ever since lockdown was imposed in India, AP CM turned atrocious towards teachers. Teachers were cheaply allotted duties at liquor queues. They were also endorsed 'Bandobasth' duties at various centres and at ATMs. 

In what could be said a sensational move, the AP government ordered teachers to start bridge courses to the students of primary classes. Further, they were ordered to give project works to the students. Having issued such orders, the YCP government has bluntly turned down the lockdown orders issued by the union HRD ministry. 

Even then, it can be said it's a prime responsibility for teachers to teach students. As such, YS Jagan's strange orders on running schools, at this corona chaos, are justified to some extent. But then, all the teachers, who are working in Nadu-Nedu schools, were ordered to participate in building construction works at the schools. It seems the teachers are being allocated all kinds of work except teaching. Blah! Blah!! 

Right now, 95% teachers are accusing YS Jagan for his unilateral decisions.