If Supports Amaravati, YS Jagan Loses Power

Sun 05th Jul 2020 07:43 PM

Supporting Amaravati Leads YSRCP Lose Power

If Supports Amaravati, YS Jagan Loses Power
If Supports Amaravati, YS Jagan Loses Power

Discarding Amaravati as a solo capital and announcing three capitals, instead, is one of the sensible and outstanding decisions of the YSRCP government. Had Amaravati been continued as the single capital, the government would have spent more than one lakh crore as the 3-crop yielding land since it is devoid of all infrastructure to live in. 

Moreover, people of all areas are very much pleased with the YSRCP's decision of decentralizing the development with three proposed capitals Vizag, Amaravati and Kurnool. 


In the meanwhile, opposition party, TDP, is making desperate attempts for retaining caste biased capital, Amaravati. A fake agitation was resorted by a few zamindaars and casteists of Amaravati under TDP's guidance. TDP funded the fake agitation. On the other hand, NRI casteists of TDP also extended their solidarity to Amaravati 'Bhooswamula (landlords)' agitation. 

In spite of TDP's protests for Amaravati, YSRCP decided never to go with single capital Amaravati. What if the government gets its decision changed and supports single capital Amaravati? Here is the list of disadvantages to be encountered by the YCP government.

* TDP claims the victory for retaining Amaravati capital. The party, all at once, bounces back in the political arena.

* Not only Amaravati residents but also people from all other areas feel Chandrababu Naidu is a far better leader than Ys Jagan. And this perspective of people reflects in the next general elections.

* Ys Jagan's inability for withstaning his decision would be exposed. This will further glorify CBN's image.

* Particular caste people will dominate the ruling party and another particular caste.

* All said and done, YSRCP will face a debacle in general elections, 2024, if it sticks to Amaravati capital.