When Saroj Khan Got Excited For Chiranjeevi

Sun 05th Jul 2020 04:52 PM

Saroj Khan Choreographed Chiranjeevi Songs

Saroj Khan Choreographed Chiranjeevi Songs
Saroj Khan Choreographed Chiranjeevi Songs

Star choreographer Saroj Khan passed away due to heart attack couple of days back leaving everyone tear struck. Not many know that Saroj Khan also choreographed for a Telugu film and Mega Star Chiranjeevi danced to her movements. Gunasekhar directed Chiranjeevi and Soundarya in his hit film Choodalani Vundi which came in 1998. Saroj Khan choreographed for two songs.

When Gunasekhar told Asiwni Dutt that he would like to rope in Saroj Khan for Oh Mariya..Oh Mariya song, he agreed to speak with her. Though Saroj Khan was the No 1 choreographer, she got excited about hearing that Chiranjeevi was the lead and at once agreed to do the song. This is because Chiranjeevi gives more than 100 percent expressions of what choreographers show.


Gunasekhar and Manisharma were at the start of their career. Saroj Khan asked who the music director was and when she was told it was Manisharma, she predicted him a great future. After coming to Hyderabad, she liked the set erected by Tota Tarani. She even encouraged Gunasekhar for his interest in casting, photography, and art. While Chiranjeevi was dancing to Oh Maria song as per the movements of Saroj Khan, the entire set reverberated with whistlers.

Saroj Khan even won the Nandi award in the best choreographer category for the song. She not only choreographed the song but also captured the best expressions. After this song, the makers decided to make Saroj Khan choreograph Abbabba Muddu. She also agreed to do the same. Chiranjeevi's dance movements and Sondarya's expressions turned the song into a super hit.