Telugu Stars Not Ready To Change The Deals!

Sat 04th Jul 2020 05:18 PM

Tollywood Stars Shocking Producers!


Coronavirus turned the lives of everyone upside down. Tollywood producers who got finances from the financiers to do films with top stars are now are experiencing tensions due to the changed circumstances. The increase in coronavirus cases put paid to their dreams of resuming shootings. This may result in huge losses to producers according to trade experts.

Everyone understood that the opening of theatres or resuming shootings may not happen in the near future. Under these circumstances, producers cannot spend huge amounts on film shoots. The situation could be retrieved a little bit if everyone comes together and slash their remuneration. Under these circumstances, producers met three top Tollywood stars and requested them to change a few deals in the agreement.


For that Tollywood stars shocked top producers. A top star said, “If the deal is changed, I should also change myself”. Another star said, ‘Ok let's change the agreement. But you should pay 50% share in profits and also 40crs remuneration'. All the three stars already bagged the nontheatrical rights.

Producers are now asking them to part with the nontheatrical rights. However, they are planning to sell off the theatrical rights and invest in the projects. Few are however planning to take finances keeping these rights as a surety.