Young Girls Lured In The Name Of This Maker

Sat 04th Jul 2020 11:54 AM

Ajay Bhupathi's Name Used To Lure Young Girls

Ajay Bhupathi
Ajay Bhupathi

Many young girls get attracted to the film industry as it gives instant stardom for many. However, what they fail to realize is there are many more who are struggling to get that one offer.

To cash into the weakness, people with evil intent always lure them promising offers. They use the name of celebrities to catch their attention. It is known that Ajay Bhupathi created a sensation with the bold film RX 100.


Now people started using Ajay Bhupathi's name to lure young girls. They on their Facebook and Twitter pages called for actresses promising film offers. The person started calling girls who sent friend's requests to Facebook and started asking their details and photos.

Some brought this matter to Ajay Bhupathi who immediately issued a clarification asking people not to believe anyone who use his name on social media. He even lodged a police complaint against imposters using his name. Cybercrime people registered the case and started their investigation.