Mahesh Fans Escaped! Poor NTR Fans Criticized!

Fri 03rd Jul 2020 07:20 AM

Mahesh Fans Escaped from Criticism! Poor NTR Fans Criticized!

Mahesh Fans Escaped! Poor NTR Fans Criticized!
Mahesh Fans Escaped! Poor NTR Fans Criticized!

Of late, fans of big stars are severely being criticized in the media for their adverse comments and filthy language on some cine celebs who indulged in humiliating comments on their favourite heroes. 

Until some days ago, Young Rebel Star Prabhas's fans received a backlash from media circles for creating hate hashtags against UV Creations for not giving any update on Prabhas 20. 


Lately, Young Tiger NTR's fans were rebuked by the media houses for their cuss words against actress Meera Chopra in social media. NTR's fans indulged in filthy language on Meera as she said she hadn't known who NTR was. Besides, she praised Mahesh Babu. Extremely irked by her provoking comments, NTR's fans launched a scathing attack on her with abuses in her Twitter handle. Finally, she lodged a complaint to the cyber crime police on her abusers. Thus the issue was ended. 

And then, Pelli Choopulu director Tharun Bhascker, while praising Malayalam film Kappela, made some derogatory marks against Prince Mahesh Babu's Sarileru Neekevvaru and Maharshi films and the actor's performance too. This time, Tharun turned the victim as he was severely abused by Mahesh Babu's fans. There was also a telephonic conversation of the fans with the director. Eventually, the director filed a complaint with the cyber crime police with all the evidences of his abusers. 

What matters, here, is that almost all the web and other media houses felt 'Shyness' in reporting the news. They didn't even write the names of 'Mahesh Babu' and 'Mahesh Babu's fans'. Instead, they wrote, 'A Hero' and 'A hero's fans'. 

But then, why this 'MOHAMAATAM' to media on reporting the news? Why these dual standards between Mahesh Babu's fans and NTR's fans? A serious question from an NTR's fan!!