AP & TS Voters Suffer These Psychological Problems?

Thu 02nd Jul 2020 08:33 PM

Psychological Problems to AP and TS Voters?

AP & TS Voters Suffer These Psychological Problems?
AP & TS Voters Suffer These Psychological Problems?

According to some noted psychologists, most of the Voters of AP and TS states suffer from a psychological ailment in opting for a political party in general elections. But how? Checkout the following.

Needless to say, Talangana CM KCR's decade long agitation on separate Telangana state, finally, turned fruitful and the Telangana state was formed in 2014. However, it must also be remembered that the Congress party's former president Sonia Gandhi stood as an instant reason for the state's formation as the Congress party, that was ruling at the centre, announced Telangana state. 


But then, people of Telangana appeared to have shown an unprecedented ingratitude on Sonia despite the formation of Telangana state. Moreover, TRS won in two consecutive election battles in 2014 and 2018. People seem to be not in a position to create another top politician like KCR or KTR in Telangana. 

Decades ago, Nizams treated people as their slaves. Has just one family replaced Nizams in the contemporary generation? 

Whatsoever, Voters of Telangnaa failed to get an alternative choice of leader from Telangana. 

In AP the situation is different. Here, Voters appear to do slavery to two particular castes. If a political party of one dominating caste rules the AP in a 5-year tenure, other caste's people rule the state for next tenure. 

Even though the politicians are ex-prisoners or comedians, no matter. What matters, herein, AP is whether the political party belongs to 'Kam' caste or 'Re' caste. Since most of the Voters are jealous with leaders of other castes, they don't digest great personalities emerging top politicians in the state. That's why, a great personality was mercilessly defeated by the jealous Voters which in turn showcase their slavery to leaders of two castes.

However, optimists of both the states are hoping that existing spoiled scenario will certainly be changed in the future with the change of perspective of the Voters.