Nagnam Actress Strips RGV

Thu 02nd Jul 2020 10:32 AM

Sri Rapaka Remuneration For Nagnam


Controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has been minting money during the lockdown by releasing his adult films on his own OTT platform. He already released Climax with Mia Malkova and now Naked, Nanga, Nagnam with Sri Rapaka.

When few speculated on the film's budget saying that RGV would have spent over 1 lakh for the film, RGV made fun of them saying he did not pay anything and except for the boy who acted as a servant maid who was paid Rs 200, he incurred no expenses. He also boasted that he completed the film with just Rs 2000.


But now RGV stands exposed as Nagnam actress Sri Rapaka aka Sweety who played the lead role stripped him completely. Speaking to scribes she revealed that she demanded Rs 2 lakhs as salary and RGV paid her without even blinking the eye lid. She also revealed that the entire shooting was completed within two weeks and the dubbing for the 22 min duration was completed in one hour. It has to be seen how RGV reacts to the disclosure.