Not Lockdown! KCR Should Think of Another Solution

Mon 29th Jun 2020 08:34 PM

Lockdown Should Not Be Imposed in GHMC

Lockdown Should Not Be Imposed in GHMC
Lockdown Should Not Be Imposed in GHMC

Apparently, coronavirus turned a curse to the mankind of our generation. With each passing day, we are hearing scary reports about the abnormal spike of corona positive cases and unnatural surge in deaths. 

Especially, the coronavirus epidemic is impacting metropolitan cities and big cities like Hyderabad adversely. While the total number of cases registered in Telangana are close to 15000, in GHMC alone 11000 cases have been reported. 


The CM KCR, who convened meets with officials, is mulling over to impose a 15-day tightly packed Lockdown in GHMC area in 3 or 4 days.

But then, is Lockdown a solution to contain the pandemic? No way, Even if the Lockdown is lifted after 15 days, the spread of the virus gets continued. Moreover, the TRS government has to face dire consequences with a steep economic crisis. 

As such, KCR needs to contemplate ways other than Lockdown to contain corona. The government should ensure more tests are conducted at GHMC area. Further, the government should take stringent action on those who deviate the rules of wearing masks and avoiding social distance.