Did This Director Predict Corona In 2009?

Mon 29th Jun 2020 01:21 PM

Corona Virus In Arundhati


Coronavirus is wreaking havoc and is sending shockwaves across the world. All the nations are fighting the invisible enemy and till now there is no medicine or vaccine for the deadly virus.

In the meantime, one gets a feeling whether star Tollywood director predicted Coronavirus kind of disease in 2009. It is known that Kodi Rama Krishna created a sensation with supernatural horror film Arundhati with Anushka and Sonu Sood in the lead.


There is one scene in the film where Jejamma (Anushka) punishes Pasupati (Sonu Sood) and instead of killing him as he was trained under Aghoras, she buries him alive and performs various rituals.

However, after a few months, she starts hearing weird voices and then the people of her entire Gadwal Sansthan get affected by some unknown pandemic that kills numerous people. It is similar like Corona where people suffer from cold, cough, etc. Wonder whether Kodi Rama Krishna predicted Corona in Arundhati.