YS Jagan Allocates 5 Cr to RGV's Power Star?

Sun 28th Jun 2020 09:03 PM

YS Jagan Allocates 5 Cr Budget to RGV's Power Star?

YS Jagan Allocates 5 Cr to RGV's Power Star?
YS Jagan Allocates 5 Cr to RGV's Power Star?

Has AP CM Ys Jagan Mohan Reddy allocated Rs.5 crore budget to RGV's Power Star? According to some aired reports from RGV's office, the answer is 'yes'. 

As is known, Ys Jagan created an unprecedented record in the recent past facing an anti incumbency within one year of his ruling. On the contrary, Janasena president Power Star Pawan Kalyan, who faced a debacle in the general elections, 2019, is gaining momentum in politics with each passing day. The best advantage of the party in recent times is that it has an alliance with the BJP and both the parties will be contesting on seat sharing basis in all the future polls. 


Obviously, the AP CM got panic over Janasena chief's aggressive approach in politics. In the meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan questioned Kapu reservations issue and expressed doubts on the funds allocated for Kapu Corporation. He demanded a white paper from the government. 

Threatened by Pawan Kalyan's strategic move, Ys Jagan made a total of nine Kapu leaders from his party castigate Pawan Kalyan. This hasty move itself got misfired. YCP's Kapu leaders are being trolled intensely at the moment. Also, these trolls went viral. 

In the meanwhile the AP CM has reportedly decided to divert the attention of netizens in social media. As a result, he is rumored to have allocated Rs.5 crore budget to the satirical film on Pawan Kalyan titled 'Power Star'. It is known news that RGV has been a staunch loyalist of Ys Jagan. If the buzz from RGV office's sources is anything to go by, RGV will be giving dog biscuits worth Rs.10 lakh each to a critic of awkward mentality Suthi Rajesh and a psycho lady.